Fryer Cleaning

A regular fryer cleaning routine enables it to work more efficiently, extends the life of your cooking oil, and preserves the taste of the food you cook.

Fryer Filter

Filtering cooking oil on a daily basis can prolong its useful life, saving you money on the most expensive part of owning a fryer. It also preserves the quality...

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Fryer Filter Paper & Powder

The easiest way to keep fried food tasting great is to filter your fryer oil regularly. Find fryer filter paper for your unit here.

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Shortening Disposal Unit

These portable pieces enable you to haul spent cooking oil from your fry vats to a proper disposal container.

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Fryer Brush & Clean Out Rod

Extend your fryer's lifespan and protect your oil by using a fryer brush to remove buildup from the element and frypot.

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Fryer Cleaning Tools

From brushes to clean-out rods that push debris down the drain, these fryer cleaning tools ensure you get a thoroughly clean frypot.

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Deep Fryer Cover

Use a deep fryer cover to keep your oil clean and free of pests when the fryer isn't in use.

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