Rotating Rack Oven

The folks who invented the rack oven certainly knew a lot about baking. What they created is equipment that can provide the steam necessary for tasks like creating perfect brown crusts on bread, as well as the dry heat needed for cooking and browning. This equipment takes the even nature of convection cooking a step further with a revolving rack that constantly moves food through the cabinet, which eliminates the need for turning foods while baking. More

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Blodgett XR8-G
Blodgett XR8-G Gas Rotating Rack Oven - Stand Mount, LP


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Blodgett XR8-G
Blodgett XR8-G Gas Rotating Rack Oven - Stand Mount, NG


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Baxter OV310E
Baxter OV310E Electric Rotating Rack Oven, 208v/3ph

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Baxter OV310G
Baxter OV310G Gas Rotating Rack Oven, NG

KaTom #: 422-OV310G

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The movement of the rack and the food virtually eliminates any possibility of inconsistent heating or baking by doing the work of turning foods for the operator. That means consistent results time after time, with no scorching or undercooked dough centers. With their large windows and attention-grabbing motion, rack ovens make good merchandisers, as well, giving customers a glimpse of what's cooking if they're installed behind the counter.

Because of the moisture inlet, rack oven models need to be tied into your building's water supply. They also need a drain connection to remove condensate from spent steam. The units themselves come pre-plumbed, which makes installation easier, but you must ensure you have the space and resources necessary to install it in your facility.

The rotating oven also comes with a rack that can be removed without the need for tools to allow for simple cleaning of the entire cabinet. The rack is built with pan slides that can hold up to eight 18-in. x 26-in. full-size sheet pans. The slides can be adjusted on 1-inch increments to accommodate pans of different depths.

These also have pan racks built into the frame beneath the oven to hold products while they wait to be baked or as they cool.


In addition to the expected time and temperature controls, rack ovens include a few special features that you typically won't find on other equipment.

  • Beside the rotating racks, another feature that sets this equipment apart from its kitchen counterparts is the ability to inject steam into the cooking chamber. Lots of dishes can benefit from the presence of steam during the baking process, from bread to vegetables, and this oven can inject steam for several seconds, with the exact time determined by the operator.
  • For better control over the steam process, these ovens have built-in vents that can be opened and closed with a button on the control panel to clear excess moisture. That lets you ensure you have just the right amount of steam for the recipe you're preparing.
  • A fan delay feature will slow the fan, pausing convection for up to ten minutes so that breads can rise and begin to develop a crust before convection completes the baking process.

What Can I Bake in a Rotating Rack Oven?

These ovens can cook anything that a traditional standard or convection oven can, and usually with better results.

This type of oven lends itself particularly well to baking bread. Steam is a secret weapon in the arsenal of many master bread bakers. By introducing steam into the rotating oven, you accomplish two things: First, you slow down the formation of the crust, which allows your bread to rise higher than it would otherwise. Second, the steam helps bring out the sugars on the bread's surface. As the loaf bakes, those sugars caramelize, creating a crispy, flavorful crust.

Meats can be roasted directly on the oven rack. When you do this, it is recommended that you insert a pan half-full of water on the bottom rack slide. This will catch grease, keep the rack oven clean, and help maintain moisture.

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