Wire Shelf

Common wire shelf lengths include 24, 36, 48, and 60 inches, while the two most common depths are 18 and 24 inches. Open wire metal shelves are great for general-purpose storage. Space between the wires allow air to circulate and keep food items fresh. If you need to store items that don't sit well on wire, consider steel wire shelves fitted with mats to create a solid surface.

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StoreIt SI-WS-1460-CP
StoreIt SI-WS-1460-CP Chrome Wire Shelf - 60"W x 14"D

KaTom #: 924-SIWS1460CP

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$19.36 / Each
StoreIt SI-WS-1472-CP
StoreIt SI-WS-1472-CP Chrome Wire Shelf - 72"W x 14"D

KaTom #: 924-SIWS1472CP

In Stock
$23.63 / Each
StoreIt SI-WS-1824-CP
StoreIt SI-WS-1824-CP Chrome Wire Shelf - 24"W x 18"D

KaTom #: 924-SIWS1824CP

In Stock
$11.36 / Each
StoreIt SI-WS-1830-CP
StoreIt SI-WS-1830-CP Chrome Wire Shelf - 30"W x 18"D

KaTom #: 924-SIWS1830CP

In Stock
$13.26 / Each
StoreIt SI-WS-1836-CP
StoreIt SI-WS-1836-CP Chrome Wire Shelf - 36"W x 18"D

KaTom #: 924-SIWS1836CP

In Stock
$14.03 / Each
StoreIt SI-WS-1842-CP
StoreIt SI-WS-1842-CP Chrome Wire Shelf - 42"W x 18"D

KaTom #: 924-SIWS1842CP

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$16.97 / Each
StoreIt SI-WS-1848-CP
StoreIt SI-WS-1848-CP Chrome Wire Shelf - 48"W x 18"D

KaTom #: 924-SIWS1848CP

In Stock
$18.72 / Each
StoreIt SI-WS-1854-CP
StoreIt SI-WS-1854-CP Chrome Wire Shelf - 54"W x 18"D

KaTom #: 924-SIWS1854CP

In Stock
$22.12 / Each
StoreIt SI-WS-1860-CP
StoreIt SI-WS-1860-CP Chrome Wire Shelf - 60"W x 18"D

KaTom #: 924-SIWS1860CP

In Stock
$22.51 / Each
StoreIt SI-WS-1872-CP
StoreIt SI-WS-1872-CP Chrome Wire Shelf - 72"W x 18"D

KaTom #: 924-SIWS1872CP

In Stock
$26.19 / Each
StoreIt SI-WS-2124-CP
StoreIt SI-WS-2124-CP Chrome Wire Shelf - 24"W x 21"D

KaTom #: 924-SIWS2124CP

In Stock
$12.89 / Each
StoreIt SI-WS-2130-CP
StoreIt SI-WS-2130-CP Chrome Wire Shelf - 30"W x 21"D

KaTom #: 924-SIWS2130CP

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$15.86 / Each
StoreIt SI-WS-2136-CP
StoreIt SI-WS-2136-CP Chrome Wire Shelf - 36"W x 21"D

KaTom #: 924-SIWS2136CP

In Stock
$16.99 / Each
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