Mounted Shelves

If you need additional storage space for lightweight items, consider purchasing one of these for your establishment. These can be added to walls, counters, ceilings, ranges, or existing shelving units. Some of them are specifically designed to hold appliances such as microwaves or toaster ovens. More

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Advance Tabco K-245
Advance Tabco K-245 Utility Shelf - 8x24

KaTom #: 009-K245X

$262.08 / Each
Advance Tabco K-246
Advance Tabco K-246 Utility Shelf - 8x36

KaTom #: 009-K246X

$302.64 / Each
Elkay EWMS-12-60X
Elkay EWMS-12-60X Wall Shelf w/ 2-Brackets, 12x60-in

KaTom #: 189-EWMS1260X

Free Shiping
$86.45 / Each
Elkay EWMS-14-96X
Elkay EWMS-14-96X Wall Shelf w/ 2-Brackets, 14x96-in

KaTom #: 189-EWMS1496X

Free Shiping
$161.98 / Each
Elkay WMMS-18-24X
Elkay WMMS-18-24X Microwave Shelf, 24x18x10-in, Stainless

KaTom #: 189-WMMS1824X

Free Shiping
$158.65 / Each
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Before purchasing wall mounted shelves, you need to decide where they will be located. Some popular places to mount one include on the wall, hanging from the ceiling, attached to a table, and over a shelving unit.

Mounting Location

Wall Mounted

By attaching a shelf to a wall, you can use space for storage that would otherwise go unused. These models range from 10- to 24-inches in depth and 24- to 144-inches in length. The wider models are used at pass-thru kitchen windows, providing a place for kitchen workers to put finished plates for pick up by serving staff.

Ceiling Mounted

Ceiling-mounted shelves hang down above a kitchen island or workstation, keeping equipment and supplies within reach and taking advantage of previously unused space. Since these models are sometimes used to hold pots and pans as well, they'll often accommodate hooks for cookware on the sides.

Table Mounted

Table-mounted shelves simply attach to your table to provide storage above your work area. Many of these models are specifically designed to hold certain pieces of equipment, such as microwave ovens.

Shelf Mounted

If you already have a lower-profile shelving unit, you can purchase a shelf-mounted model. These are added on to the top of an existing unit, giving you more storage space without having to purchase an additional shelving unit.


A riser is a platform that attaches over a range or similar cooktop. Some include stainless steel shelves that can be used to hold ingredients and cookware. Be aware that these are available for specific ranges only. If you plan on adding one to yours, be sure that it comes from the manufacturer of your range and is specifically designed for your equipment.


Next, you need to decide what type of shelving is best for your needs. The available types are wire, solid, slatted, frame, and boat rack.

  • Open wire shelving allows for plenty of air flow around the products being held there, discouraging the growth of bacteria and keeping food items fresher. However, the large gaps may allow for small items to fall through. It is also more difficult to clean, as that requires going around the individual items in order to do so.
  • Solid shelves offer the most support and are easier to clean, making them best for storing foods in containers and supplies like cookware.
  • Slatted shelves have broad panels running their lengths with narrow gaps in between. This design provides the breathability of wire with fewer gaps for items to fall through.
  • For adding a basket fixture, or for storing pans and trays, consider an open-frame shelf.
  • A boat rack is a heavy-duty frame with sturdy wire mesh lining the bottom shelf and the back. They are called this because they are designed to hold food boat trays. This name is a bit of a misnomer because they are just as useful for holding dinnerware and other heavier items.


If you're looking to replace a part on your wall-mounted unit, each component is also available individually. These parts include individual shelves, brackets for installation, and posts for support.

Specialty Options

  • For holding cookware, choose a model with an included pot rack. These include hooks that go on the edge of the shelf for hanging pots, pans, and utensils.
  • Choose a shelf that holds dish racks to expand the storage space in your dishroom.
  • Some models may include raised ledges. This feature keeps items from sliding off.
  • A shelf with an included check minder keeps guest checks visible to employees and are usually mounted on the pass-through kitchen window.