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Classically trained chefs often demand the elemental piece to the traditional chef uniform - the chef hat, or toque. While not all establishments will require a chef hat to be worn, most local health codes do require some sort of headwear to be worn in kitchens to keep hair out of food. Skull caps and bandanas are favorites among many chefs because they tend to be cooler and more comfortable. Paper hats are disposable, which many people prefer, especially in areas of high turnover rates. Baseball hats are also popular due to their more stylish design.

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Chef Revival H049
Chef Revival H049 Disposable 8.5" Chef's Hat w/ Pinstripes, One s...

KaTom #: 094-H049

$55.50 / Pack of 50
Chef Revival H007-R
Chef Revival H007-R Chefs Pill Box Hat, Regular, Pewter Grey

KaTom #: 709-H007R

$8.33 / Each
Chef Revival H020BK
Chef Revival H020BK Chef Scarf Hat, Cotton, One Size, Black

KaTom #: 094-H020BK

In Stock
$8.10 / Each
Matfer 760331
Matfer 760331 8.75" Disposable Chef Hat - Non-Woven Fiber, White

KaTom #: 347-760331

$39.11 / Pack of 10
Winco DCH-3
Winco DCH-3 3" Disposable Chef Hat

KaTom #: 080-DCH3

In Stock
$10.89 / Pack of 100
Ritz CLCH3-1
Ritz CLCH3-1 13" Chef's Hat w/ Velcro Closure - Poplin, White

KaTom #: 752-CLCH31

In Stock
$6.34 / Each
Ritz CLCH3D-1
Ritz CLCH3D-1 13" Chef's Hat w/ Adjustable Closure - Poplin, Whit...

KaTom #: 752-CLCH3D1

In Stock
$9.29 / Each
Chef Revival CH-EURO
Chef Revival CH-EURO European Chef's Hat, Poly/Cotton, Pleated, 9...

KaTom #: 094-CHEURO

In Stock
$7.75 / Each
Intedge 346PB B
Intedge 346PB B Pill Box Hat Skull Cap w/ Flat Top, One Size, Brown

KaTom #: 176-346PBB

In Stock
$3.37 / Each
Winco DCH-9
Winco DCH-9 9" Disposable Chef Hat

KaTom #: 080-DCH9

In Stock
$4.96 / Pack of 10
Chef Revival H007-XL
Chef Revival H007-XL Chefs Pill Box Hat, X-Large, Pewter Grey

KaTom #: 709-H007XL

$8.33 / Each
Ritz CLHTBBC-1 Chef's Baseball Cap - One Size Fits All, Black &am...

KaTom #: 752-CLHTBBC1

In Stock
$14.67 / Each
Chef Revival H500HT
Chef Revival H500HT Neckerchief, Poly Cotton Blend & Poplin, 33",...

KaTom #: 094-H500HT

In Stock
$4.74 / Each
Chef Revival H500WH
Chef Revival H500WH Cotton Poplin Neckerchief, White

KaTom #: 094-H500WH

In Stock
$4.74 / Each
Ritz RZCBBK Chef's Beanie w/ Elastic Band, Black

KaTom #: 752-RZCBBK

In Stock
$10.35 / Each
Ritz RZCBWH Chef's Beanie w/ Elastic Band, White

KaTom #: 752-RZCBWH

In Stock
$9.42 / Each
Chef Revival H500BK
Chef Revival H500BK 33" Neckerchief - Poly/Cotton, Black

KaTom #: 709-H500BK

In Stock
$4.80 / Each
Intedge 346H B
Intedge 346H B Chef Hat w/ Poly Cotton Blend, One Size, Brown

KaTom #: 176-346HB

In Stock
$4.55 / Each
Chef Revival CHR12-V
Chef Revival CHR12-V Flair Chef Hat, Viscose, Ventilation Holes, 12",...

KaTom #: 094-CHR12V

$87.99 / Pack of 50
Intedge 346HN
Intedge 346HN Chef's Hat, Navy

KaTom #: 176-346HN

In Stock
$5.53 / Each
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