Silverware Caddy Organizer

Silverware caddy organizers hold cylinders so that you can store flatware and other utensils. These units sometimes come with cylinders, but oftentimes, you'll have to purchase them separately. Depending on the unit's design, a caddy holder can be used in the front of house or back, but it keeps silverware neat and organized in either area. A caddy holder's construction plays a big part in where it is best used. Because stainless steel is more durable than plastic, stainless steel units are often used in the back of the house, but they can also be used in customer-facing applications if you want a more industrial look. More

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Winco FC-4H
Winco FC-4H 2 Tier Flatware Cylinder Holder w/ 4 Holes

KaTom #: 080-FC4H

In Stock
$21.62 / Each
Winco FC-6H
Winco FC-6H 2 Tier Flatware Cylinder Holder w/ 6 Holes

KaTom #: 080-FC6H

In Stock
$26.49 / Each
Cal-Mil 2049
Cal-Mil 2049 6 Cylinder Classic Cylinder Display Only - Black

KaTom #: 151-2049

In Stock
$96.84 / Each
Vollrath 52644
Vollrath 52644 Silv-a-Tainer - Holds 6 Cylinders, Plastic Gray

KaTom #: 175-52644

$33.41 / Each
Cal-Mil 1025-3-39
Cal-Mil 1025-3-39 3 Hole Space Saver Silverware Display Only - Silver

KaTom #: 151-1025339

In Stock
$56.97 / Each
Vollrath FMF-2
Vollrath FMF-2 6 Cylinder Flatware Holder - 10.12" x 16" x 12.63", Plastic, Black

KaTom #: 175-FMF2

Vollrath FMF-3
Vollrath FMF-3 6 Cylinder Flatware Holder - 10.12" x 16" x 12.63", Plastic, Black

KaTom #: 175-FMF3

Update FCH-4
Update FCH-4 Flatware Cylinder Holder - 11 3/4x10x8" Stainless

KaTom #: 370-FCH4

$21.03 / Each
Update FCH-6
Update FCH-6 Flatware Cylinder Holder - 14 3/4x11 3/4x8" Stainless

KaTom #: 370-FCH6

$25.05 / Each
Update FCH-8
Update FCH-8 Flatware Cylinder Holder - 19 1/2x11 3/4x8" Stainless

KaTom #: 370-FCH8

$33.51 / Each
Cal-Mil 1016-6
Cal-Mil 1016-6 20" 3 Section Cylinder Display - Plastic, Black

KaTom #: 151-10166

In Stock
$106.19 / Each
Cal-Mil 1226-39-PERF
Cal-Mil 1226-39-PERF 6" Perforated Cutlery Holder w/ Iron Silver Base

KaTom #: 151-122639PERF

In Stock
$25.33 / Each
Cal-Mil 1226-39-SOLID
Cal-Mil 1226-39-SOLID 6" Solid Cutlery Holder w/ Iron Silver Base

KaTom #: 151-122639SOLID

In Stock
$20.26 / Each
Cal-Mil 1583-13
Cal-Mil 1583-13 3 Tier Cylinder Display, 8.75 x 8.5 x 21", Black

KaTom #: 151-158313

In Stock
$65.08 / Each
Cal-Mil 1583-74
Cal-Mil 1583-74 21" 3 Section Cylinder Display - Metal, Silver

KaTom #: 151-158374

In Stock
$61.00 / Each
Cal-Mil 1605-55
Cal-Mil 1605-55 3 Cylinder Squared Display, 5 x 8 x 20.5", Stainless

KaTom #: 151-160555

In Stock
$109.90 / Each
Cal-Mil 1608-55
Cal-Mil 1608-55 Squared Cylinder Display, 16 x 5.25 x 6", Stainless

KaTom #: 151-160855

In Stock
$59.84 / Each
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Common Questions About Silverware Caddy Organizers

Where can I use a cutlery caddy holder?

With so much silverware being moved around restaurants, employees need a place to store and access it quickly. Because these units hold multiple flatware cylinders, they are a necessity in most foodservice operations that require high-volume storage opportunities. Silverware caddy organizers are designed for both front- and back-of-the-house applications, with the front-of-house units having an appealing, customer-friendly look. Organizers made for kitchen use often have a more industrial look and provide durability to suit that placement. Because of their versatility, they can be used almost anywhere, from dishrooms and tray assembly lines to serving areas and self-serve counters.

How do I choose a silverware caddy organizer?

First, you should consider how large the unit needs to be while keeping the amount of turnover you have in mind. This amount affects dishwashing and how much flatware is clean at once. Also, if you want the holder to stay organized, you should keep different types of flatware and utensils in separate cylinders. By keeping the cutlery caddy holder neat, you ensure stored pieces are easy to find and access.

Some flatware cylinder holders don't come with storage cylinders, so they have to be purchased separately. If you already have cylinders, you'll need to ensure the holder's holes will accommodate them. With units that include cylinders, you can choose from solid or perforated designs. Solid options keep flatware safe from contamination, while perforated cylinders encourage airflow that speeds up drying and prevents dust buildup.

What are flatware cylinder holders made of?

Often used in back-of-house applications, units made of stainless steel are heavy duty and easy to wipe clean. They're more popular away from customers because they have an industrial look, but some establishments may prefer this design and not mind it in the front of house. Typically, stainless steel flatware caddy holders are used to hold bins made of the same material, so if you already have stainless steel cylinders, this may be your best option.

More economical holders are made of plastic. This material still withstands heavy use, making it perfect for placement in the front of the house. These units have a more appealing look that fits better in customer-facing applications than metal versions.

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