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Whether you need silverware caddies for the front or back of house, we have options for your application. You can choose between plastic and metal holders with solid and perforated styles that can be used in flatware caddy organizers, carts, and displays, or stand on their own. You can stick with traditional white and black caddies or add colorful caddies to your dishroom to help employees sort flatware in color-coded applications. Colorful options can also be used to enhance presentation if the caddies are used in front of house. More

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Browne 80113
Browne 80113 3.75" Round Solid Flatware Cylinder, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 158-80113

In Stock
$3.16 / Each
Cal-Mil 1017-SOLID
Cal-Mil 1017-SOLID 4.5" Round Solid Cutlery Cylinder, Stainless

KaTom #: 151-1017SOLID

In Stock
$8.31 / Each
Winco FC-PL
Winco FC-PL Plastic Flatware Cylinder

KaTom #: 080-FCPL

In Stock
$0.61 / Each
Winco FC-SS
Winco FC-SS Flatware Cylinder - Stainless

KaTom #: 080-FCSS

In Stock
$1.83 / Each
Update FC-SS
Update FC-SS 4 1/2" Flatware Cylinder - Stainless

KaTom #: 370-FCSS

In Stock
$2.06 / Each
Cal-Mil 101713
Cal-Mil 101713 4.5" Round Melamine Cutlery Cylinder, Black

KaTom #: 151-101713

In Stock
$10.58 / Each
Cal-Mil 1017-39
Cal-Mil 1017-39 Perforated Cutlery Cylinder, 4.5 x 5.5" High

KaTom #: 151-101739

In Stock
$7.97 / Each
Cal-Mil 1244-96
Cal-Mil 1244-96 3 Compartment Cutlery Holder - Midnight Bamboo

KaTom #: 151-124496

In Stock
$31.26 / Each
Cal-Mil 3630
Cal-Mil 3630 5" Round Flatware Holder, Marble

KaTom #: 151-3630

In Stock
$49.22 / Each
Cal-Mil 3015-55
Cal-Mil 3015-55 3 Bin Luxe Flatware Holder - White, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 151-301555

In Stock
$57.72 / Each
Cal-Mil 1425-6-96
Cal-Mil 1425-6-96 6 Compartment Flatware Condiment Display - Midnight

KaTom #: 151-1425696

In Stock
$30.15 / Each
Vollrath 52633
Vollrath 52633 Flatware Cylinder - 5 5/8" Black

KaTom #: 175-52633

In Stock
$27.92 / 1 Dozen
Tablecraft CHCBS446
Tablecraft CHCBS446 Cutlery Holder w/ Chalkboard, 4" x 4" x 6", Bamboo

KaTom #: 229-CHCBS446

$9.79 / Each
Vollrath 99710
Vollrath 99710 Silv-a-Tainer Cylinder - Stainless

KaTom #: 175-99710

In Stock
$14.84 / Each
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Common Questions About Silverware Caddies

How are flatware caddies used?

These units are used to neatly store and sometimes display flatware in front of customers. They can stand alone on countertops, but they also fit into carriers, display organizers, and carts. Because of this versatility, they can hold silverware in any foodservice application.

If you're going to use your cutlery caddy in front-of-the-house displays, you'll want to consider the size of the holders in the organizer. Figuring out the diameter of the display organizer will help you determine what the diameter of the caddies should be. You can display more than just silverware in these holders; it's common for operators to provide condiments and straws, as well.

What kind of utensil holders are available?

Most of these caddies are solid, which prevents contaminants from reaching the stored flatware without staff having to store it in drawers and other compartments that are completely enclosed.

Perforated silverware caddies have holes around the exterior that may enable contaminants to get inside, but they encourage air to circulate around the cutlery. When air moves through the unit, it dries the flatware quickly and prevents dust from accumulating.

What are cutlery caddies made of?

Plastic caddies are most common due to the material's affordability compared to stainless steel. Even though plastic is economical, it won't shatter when it's dropped. These holders are typically white, but black options are also available.

Melamine is more durable than typical plastics, suiting high-volume commercial applications. It's dishwasher safe and resistant to breaking and cracking if dropped. Melamine comes in more colors than other plastics, so if you want colorful caddies, melamine is your best option.

Popular in commercial settings, stainless steel flatware caddies are stronger than plastic options, but they can be more expensive. They also have a look that works well in the back of the house, away from customers. Like plastic holders, these units can have solid and perforated styles to fit best in your application.

Why do utensil holders come in different colors?

Most of these caddies are stainless steel or made of white or black materials, but some come in bright colors. Yellow, orange, red, green, and other colorful holders can be used in display organizers in the front of the house. These colors also come in handy if you want to color code specific applications or types of flatware.

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