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For establishments that serve highly customizable items, such as coffee, hot dogs, hamburgers, or tacos, condiment organizers provide an accessible place for operators to keep the toppings and condiments that customers expect. Condiment racks are also handy in low-space, high-volume operations, such as food trucks or concession stands. Instead of trying to match each customer's expectations, these establishments can offer a neat tray of cream and sugar, ketchup and mustard, or relish and hot sauces so that customers can create their own preferred combinations. Condiment bins are also frequently used to keep back-of-house preparation stations organized because separate bins for each topping speed up service and make dwindling supplies obvious. We'll go over KaTom's selection below and then answer some common questions. More

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Winco OGZ-1B
Winco OGZ-1B Organizer Bin

KaTom #: 080-OGZ1B

$3.19 / Each
Cal-Mil 2053
Cal-Mil 2053 3 Tier Classic Condiment Packet Display - Black

KaTom #: 151-2053

In Stock
$43.58 / Each
Cambro 9RS9110
Cambro 9RS9110 Organizer Rack - 9 Bins, 20 1/8x21 3/8x14 1/4" Black

KaTom #: 144-9RS9110

In Stock
$87.11 / Each
Cal-Mil 1246-96
Cal-Mil 1246-96 9 1/2" Packet Display - 3 Slot, Midnight

KaTom #: 151-124696

In Stock
$15.91 / Each
Cambro 5412CBP110
Cambro 5412CBP110 Organizer Bin - 5x12x4 1/4" Black

KaTom #: 144-5412CBP110

In Stock
$4.86 / Each
Cambro 12RS12110
Cambro 12RS12110 Organizer Rack - 12 Bins, 25 1/8x21 3/8x14 1/4" Black

KaTom #: 144-12RS12110

$99.09 / Each
Cambro 12RS12480
Cambro 12RS12480 Organizer Rack - 12 Bins, 25 1/8x21 3/8x14 1/4" Speck...

KaTom #: 144-12RS12480

$99.09 / Each
Cal-Mil 3338-13
Cal-Mil 3338-13 4 Tier Condiment Stair Step Display - Black

KaTom #: 151-333813

In Stock
$246.72 / Each
Cal-Mil 1261
Cal-Mil 1261 4 Tier Coffee Amenity Unit, 6.5 x 12 x 20.5"

KaTom #: 151-1261

In Stock
$40.60 / Each
Winco OGZ-6
Winco OGZ-6 Organizer Set w/ Rack & (6) Bins

KaTom #: 080-OGZ6

In Stock
$29.13 / Set
Nemco 88650
Nemco 88650 Horizontal OneLid Condiment Organizer, Plastic

KaTom #: 128-88650

In Stock
$116.60 / Each
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Common Questions About Condiment Bins

Should I get a modular condiment holder?

Modular organizers are great for establishments that plan on frequently changing their offerings. These compartments can be stacked on top of each other, complete with a locking mechanism to hold them in place. If your menu will have shifting condiment requirements, consider going for modular options to save space when you only need a few condiments. You'll retain the possibility to expand when you need more, but you'll lose some of the aesthetic value of more stylized condiment displays.

How can I display my condiments?

Some of our condiment bins are utilitarian, but others offer a visually pleasing design in which you can showcase your condiments. These units fit in best at a cozy coffee shop or similar establishment and are made of decorative woods or crafted in interesting shapes. Some are designed specifically to work with coffee accessories, such as stirrers, cream, and sugar, while others are more versatile. Consider which of our selection best fits your establishment's existing or intended style before purchase.

What materials are the bins made of?

The majority of our condiment holders are made of plastic, but some are made of wood and others of stainless steel. Stainless steel will be the most durable and last the longest, but it's harder to clean and more expensive up front than plastic options. Wooden models are less durable than plastic but provide a touch of class to your serving station that plastic ones may not. Plastic models are middle of the road – durable while still being inexpensive – and are also the easiest to maintain. Plastic options come in a variety of styles, so operators can find a bin that matches their establishment.

What are the cylindrical holders for?

The vertical, cylindrical holders in this category are intended to hold silverware. These models are helpful in self-serve operations – such as a buffet, concession stand, or food truck – that need something to hold silverware for customers. Enabling customers to choose their own silverware can save operations a bit of money over handing out disposable silverware with every purchase. If your establishment serves food that does not need silverware – such as pizza or hot dogs – having a standing dispenser means only customers that will use disposable silverware will take some, eliminating unnecessary waste.

Should I get a transparent or opaque condiment rack?

Transparent condiment organizers enable the operator to see when condiments are running low. Almost all condiment holders are either transparent or open enough for you to see inside, so you can replace your condiments before customers start complaining. Units that are not transparent are usually more stylized than standard options. Consider the feel you want for your establishment and weigh it against the convenience of visibility before making a purchase.

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