Commercial & Restaurant Spoons

You'll need a large number of restaurant spoons, no matter how large or small your outfit may be. We offer them in a number of styles and prices.

Tea Spoon

Ideal for hot mixed drinks and cereal, tea spoons are only used in informal dining. Choose the pattern to highlight your atmosphere here.

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Table Spoon

No table setting is complete without a table spoon. We have many varieties and patterns to choose from to help complete your look.

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Bouillon Spoon

Bouillon is ideal for light luncheons, and we have a great selection of bouillon spoons to make serving this lunch staple a breeze.

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Dessert Spoon

Between the table and tea spoon in size, a dessert spoon is what your guests will need for sorbets and other sweet treats.

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Iced Tea Spoon

The long handle of the iced tea spoon is ideal for reaching the bottoms of tall glasses. Choose from several patterns here.

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Demitasse Spoon

Demitasse spoons are available in countless patterns to satisfy the finest coffee connoisseurs' strict attention to detail.

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Soup Spoon

The large bowl and longer handle of the soup spoon will ensure your guests get all the ingredients of your hearty soup.

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