Asian Soup Spoons

Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, the Asian soup spoon is a must-have with traditional Chinese or Japanese soups. These spoons are traditionally ceramic, though many modern commercial options are made of durable melamine. These spoons add an element of authenticity to Asian dishes. More

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Town 22805
Town 22805 White Plastic Rice Paddle, 8 in

KaTom #: 296-22805

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$0.99 / Each
GET M-6030-BK
GET M-6030-BK Won-Ton Soup Spoon, Melamine, Black

KaTom #: 284-M6030BK

$35.82 / 5 Dozen
Oneida F8010000794
Oneida F8010000794 5" Chinese Soup Spoon - Porcelain, Bright White

KaTom #: 324-F8010000794

(You can remove it at any time)
Oneida F9010000794
Oneida F9010000794 5" Chinese Soup Spoon - Porcelain, Bright White

KaTom #: 324-F9010000794

(You can remove it at any time)
Town 22808
Town 22808 Bamboo Rice Paddle, 9 in

KaTom #: 296-22808

In Stock
$1.09 / Each
10 Strawberry Street WTR-4TAPASPOON
10 Strawberry Street WTR-4TAPASPOON 1 oz Whittier Tapas Spoon - Porcel...


In Stock
$356.64 / Case of 288
10 Strawberry Street WTR-4TBSPOON
10 Strawberry Street WTR-4TBSPOON 4" Whittier Spoon - Porcelain, White

KaTom #: 861-WTR4TBSPOON

In Stock
$353.63 / Case of 360
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Commonly Asked Questions About Asian Soup Spoons

What are Asian soup spoons called?

Asian soup spoons are also called Chinese spoons, Chinese soup spoons, or duck spoons.

What size Asian soup spoon do I need?

Most individual Asian soup spoons are around 1 ounce, but larger serving spoons can hold as much as three ounces. Rice ladles and paddles may look similar to a soup spoon, but they come in different sizes.

Are melamine or porcelain Asian soup spoons better for foodservice?

Traditional Asian soup spoons are made of porcelain, so if authenticity and tradition are important to your business, you may prefer ceramic. However, ceramic spoons are breakable and need to be replaced more often than melamine. Melamine Asian soup spoons are more common in restaurants as they are durable while often having an appearance and feel similar to ceramic.

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