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Paper cutlery sleeves give restaurant operators and caterers an accessible method of distributing silverware to customers while adding to the establishment's aesthetic. Operators can prepare for a rush ahead of time by packing silverware sleeves with disposable or reusable flatware and then distributing them when customers arrive. This process can be much quicker than having an employee dedicated to wrapping up silverware in napkins, which is another popular way of providing the same service. KaTom carries various flatware sleeves so that operators can find a decorative option that fits their existing style. Many of our options come with napkins already packaged inside, saving another step and even more time compared to other silverware preparation methods. We'll go over KaTom's selection below and then answer some common questions. More

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Dinex DXCTCAD1003
Dinex DXCTCAD1003 Flatware Sleeve w/ Flap - Paper, Black

KaTom #: 171-DXCTCAD1003

$164.39 / Pack of 600
Dinex DXCTCAD1041
Dinex DXCTCAD1041 Flatware Sleeve w/ Flap - Paper, Wood Grain

KaTom #: 171-DXCTCAD1041

$164.39 / Pack of 600
Dinex DXCTCAD35000
Dinex DXCTCAD35000 Flatware Sleeve w/ Flap - Paper, White & Gold

KaTom #: 171-DXCTCAD35000

$164.39 / Pack of 600
Dinex DXCTCAD80003
Dinex DXCTCAD80003 Flatware Sleeve w/ Flap - Paper, Black & White

KaTom #: 171-DXCTCAD80003

$174.17 / Pack of 600
Dinex DXCTCAD80061
Dinex DXCTCAD80061 Flatware Sleeve w/ Flap - Paper, Cranberry

KaTom #: 171-DXCTCAD80061

$174.17 / Pack of 600
Dinex DXCTCADL1003
Dinex DXCTCADL1003 Flatware Sleeve w/ Napkin - Paper, Black

KaTom #: 171-DXCTCADL1003

$80.74 / Pack of 325
Dinex DXCTCADL1041
Dinex DXCTCADL1041 Flatware Sleeve w/ Napkin - Paper, Wood Grain

KaTom #: 171-DXCTCADL1041

$80.74 / Pack of 325
Dinex DXCTCADS1003
Dinex DXCTCADS1003 Flatware Sleeve w/ Napkin - Paper, Black

KaTom #: 171-DXCTCADS1003

$93.22 / Pack of 520
Dinex DXCTCADS1041
Dinex DXCTCADS1041 Flatware Sleeve w/ Napkin - Paper, Wood Grain

KaTom #: 171-DXCTCADS1041

$93.22 / Pack of 520
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Common Questions About Silverware Bags

What are cutlery sleeves?

Cutlery sleeves are folded, sealed paper with a pocket that can contain a napkin and whatever silverware an establishment wants to add to them. Disposable, single-use accessories, they are intended to make serving silverware as easy as possible for busy establishments. The convenient silverware pocket ensures an employee doesn't have to spend hours that could otherwise be spent more profitably folding napkins and packaging utensils. These sleeves work with whatever utensils your establishment uses and are easy to grab while seating customers. Caterers can also make good use of silverware bags because they hold silverware together and prevent operators from having to count out the right number of forks, spoons, and knives while their guests wait.

What establishments can make use of silverware sleeves?

Any restaurant that uses paper napkins should consider switching to these disposable sleeves. Many options come with napkins, which saves operators money and time that would be otherwise used sorting and distributing napkins and silverware. Establishments that primarily use washable cloth napkins would need to swap to paper napkins as thick cloth napkins would not fit well in these pouches, and the styles could clash.

Caterers can also get great use from silverware bags because they can prepare their silverware before ever leaving the kitchen. Filling these sleeves with either reusable or disposable utensils before leaving for an event removes one step from on-site preparation. Sleeves also ensure that silverware is kept together, both during transit and during serving. In a hectic event environment, having silverware in manageable pouches ensures every guest gets the utensils he or she needs without additional effort.

What styles and designs are available?

Our selection of flatware sleeves contains a wide array of colors and designs to ensure that every operator can find a sleeve that fits his or her establishment's style. Choose from woodgrain patterns, illustrated versions, or classy white paper with filigree, among others. Some sleeves come with a flap that encases the tops of utensils, giving a complete feel to the presentation, while others present easy-going outdoor patterns. Consider the locale you intend to use your sleeves in, and choose a color and design that matches what you already have.

Should I get sleeves with napkins?

Many of our sleeves come with napkins already packed inside them. Because of the slim and fragile nature of a paper sleeve, packing a napkin inside yourself could be tricky and time-consuming. Unless you know your customers will need a specific type of napkin that isn't offered with the sleeves – such as a wet wipe for barbecue – pre-packed napkins will be your best bet.

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