Flue Riser

Many commercial ranges can only be used in conjunction with a flue riser, which helps vent excess heat and gases from the cooktop, away from the user and up towards the ventilation hood. That keeps the ambient temperature in your kitchen cooler and protects employees from potentially harmful fumes. It also helps gas ranges operate more efficiently by drawing air into the burners, feeding their flames. More

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Vulcan-Hart V36DD
Vulcan-Hart V36DD 36-in Double Deck Hi-Shelf Riser, Non-Overlapping

KaTom #: 207-V36DD

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Call us for pricing $1,310.05 / Each
Garland M17SD
Garland M17SD Master Series Single High Shelf, 22-1/2 in H x 17 in W,...

KaTom #: 451-M17SD

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Garland M41DD
Garland M41DD Master Series Double Deck High Shelf, 34-1/2 in H x 41 i...

KaTom #: 451-M41DD

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Garland M51DDBG
Garland M51DDBG Master Series Backguard/ Flue Riser, 34-1/2 in x 51 in...

KaTom #: 451-M51DDBG

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Garland M17DD
Garland M17DD Master Series Double Deck High Shelf, 34-1/2 in H x 17 i...

KaTom #: 451-M17DD

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Garland M34LPBG
Garland M34LPBG Master Series Low Profile Backguard/Flue Riser, 10 in...

KaTom #: 451-M34LPBG

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Garland M48SD
Garland M48SD Master Series Single High Shelf, 22-1/2 in H, 48 in W, S...

KaTom #: 451-M48SD

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These pieces have become a critical part of the commercial kitchen because they protect the health and comfort of employees while reducing demands on the HVAC system. Most are designed to be used with a specific model of cooking equipment, so be sure you consult the owner's manual for your range or charbroiler to find the right riser for it. With that knowledge handy, choosing one of these for your kitchen is a snap. However, if you don't have access to that information or want further direction, read on for tips on the key parts of choosing.


These are fairly simple pieces, essentially just tall boxes that affix to your cooking equipment. Because they must match up with those pieces, the first and most important consideration is found in the dimensions of the unit.

Your first consideration here will be the width of both your range and the riser you're looking at. Obviously, the two numbers should match up, ensuring the entire range surface or charbroiler grate is well vented.

Second in this is height, which can be a critical determining factor for a number of reasons. The majority of the flue risers listed here will be at least two feet tall. The higher the slotted vent cap is located, the closer to your ventilation hood it will exhaust the heat and gases it carries.

Typically, the closer you can get those two, the better the unit will work because its contents will move right into the fan pulling it out of the kitchen and the fan will more efficiently pull air through the flue. That's good because it means more of the heat and vapors are removed from the operator area, and because it means more air is pulled over the top of the range, which means more air fueling the flames of your burners.

In certain circumstances, it may be beneficial to have a shorter riser, which can allow for more varied use of the area above that unit. In that case, we offer products that are no more than a few inches tall, clearing up plenty of wall space. However, it's important to note that you shouldn't mount bulky, solid items above the vent cap, as this can break up the flow of the heat and gases to the hood, and deflect those out into your kitchen.

Riser Shelves

If you do want to user larger items like mixers or microwaves above your range, or if you just want a convenient place to stash things like spice jars and hot mitts while you work, opt for a tall unit with shelves. These are specifically designed to provide stability without interrupting the flow of air through the flue riser. Be sure you check the weight capacity of the shelves before you buy if you plan to put heavy items on them. We offer units that come with one or two shelves, enabling you to get the storage space you need.

If you buy a unit without shelves and later decide to add them, or if you want to mount something else above your range, it's important that you only install those items in spaces designated by the manufacturer. Drilling holes or screws in the flue can interrupt the flow of air, making the unit and your cooking equipment more inefficient.

Shelves are available in both solid and tubular designs to fit the needs of your kitchen. Solid shelves are preferable if you'll be storing small items like spice jars and utensils, or bulky ones like mixers. Tubular shelves will provide adequate support for things like hot mitts and pans. These may be preferable in hot kitchens, as they will be less of an obstruction to warm air rising toward the hood than solid shelves.

Equipment-Specific Units

Be aware that certain models in this category are designed for a specific type of equipment, so be sure you buy one that will fit the cooker you need to vent. There are units built to accommodate ranges and charbroilers here.

  • Range flue risers are the most prevalent type and will account for most of the units that don't specify equipment. These are designed to sit on the back edge of the top of the range, with a gap between the front of the riser and the cooking surface that allows for the intake of air.
  • Chairbroiler flue risers are constructed to accommodate a very different type of cooking. Rather than mounting on the top of the unit, they'll fit into the back of it, enabling them to pull smoke and other gases from the cooking area, and to bring air in to feed the flames.