Strip Heat Lamp

Heat strips are rated by their wattage, with higher-wattage strips able to keep food hotter for longer. Standard lamp sizes are 18, 24, 36, 48, and 60 inches, with long heat lamps available in 72-inch lengths. Hard-wired lamps can be permanently wired into a building circuit to do away with the need for a cord and plug. To avoid hiring an electrician to install your equipment, choose a cord and plug heat strip that can be connected to a 120 volt outlet. Consider choosing a heat lamp with an adjustable reflector to focus heat precisely where it's needed.

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Hatco GRAH-66
Hatco GRAH-66 66" Infrared Foodwarmer w/ High Watt, 120 V

KaTom #: 042-GRAH66120

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$224.95 / Each
Hatco GRAH-96
Hatco GRAH-96 96" Infrared Foodwarmer w/ High Watt, 208 V

KaTom #: 042-GRAH96208

Ships Free
$332.20 / Each
APW FD-60H-I 60" Heat Lamp - Single Rod, Infinite Control, 208v, 1610w

KaTom #: 011-FD60HI208

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