Heat Lamp

Heat lamps are available in bulb and strip styles with ceramic, quartz, infrared, or Calrod elements, and decorative or functional finishes.

Strip Heat Lamp

Strip heat lamps are the most efficient method for keeping plated food hot in pass-through food windows. Choose from a number of sizes and wattage levels.

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Hanging Heat Lamp

Hanging heat lamps come in dozens of finishes and styles, so they can be used to complement your decor as they keep plated food hot while it waits to be served.

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Countertop Heat Lamp

Convenient countertop heat lamps can be placed anywhere you need to keep a plate or two of fresh food at serving temperature for a few minutes.

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Heat Lamp Bulb & Accessories

Controllers, reflectors, sockets, and replacement bulbs are heat lamp accessories that will help maintain the life and effectiveness of the unit.

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