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Hot & cold buffet stations solve the problem of needing to serve different food types in a limited space that can't accommodate both a steam table and a cold food bar. With these units, you can serve both hot and cold foods out of the same footprint with a single power source. Find the hot and cold buffet station with the right amount of hot and cold storage for your needs here. More

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Most hot and cold buffets are portable, coming with casters that make it easy to move the table to where it's needed. They can come with as few as two wells or as many as five, with any combination of those wells being hot or cold. For example, a four-well unit might have two hot wells and two cold wells, or might have one cold well and three hot wells. This versatility ensures you can find the unit with the right configuration for the volume of food you will be serving.

While each of these units will require a power source for the heated wells, some models use an ice-cooled well in place of the standard refrigerated well. These might be used to serve drinks on ice next to the components of a hot meal. Ice wells will always come with a drain for easy cleanup.

Hot and cold buffet stations are available with stainless steel or colored exteriors to help you find a unit that will fit in with your business's decor. Other options, such as built-in sneeze guards, can help ensure food safety, whether the unit will be used as a self-serve buffet or a serving line.

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