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Your employees need a break room refrigerator and freezer that can be counted on every day of the week. A residential model might not make the cut when it comes to the heavy, everyday use that a break room fridge has to endure. Purchasing high-quality, durable equipment now can save you money over time. Browse KaTom's selection of break room refrigerators and freezers to find the one that best fits your business. More

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Accucold FF6B
Accucold FF6B Undercounter Medical Refrigerator, 115v

KaTom #: 162-FF6BBLK

$526.80 / Each
Accucold VT65M
Accucold VT65M Undercounter Medical Freezer, 115v

KaTom #: 162-VT65M

$612.62 / Each
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Common Questions About Break Room Refrigerators & Freezers

Why do I need a commercial break room refrigerator?

A commercial-grade break room refrigerator is designed to endure much more frequent and intense use than a residential model—the hinges are rated for more openings, the cooling is more consistent, and the exterior is generally more durable. A commercial-grade break room fridge can handle the stress of several employees using it multiple times a day far better than a residential unit.

What specifications should I consider for a break room fridge?

When choosing your new fridge, consider its total capacity, what type of shelving you prefer, how easy it will be to maintain, and which exterior finish is best for your break room. We will cover some of these options here. Of course, all of these considerations are subject to your budget.

What size break room fridge do I need?

The capacity you'll need depends entirely on how many employees will be using it. You should also consider how much space each employee might need. For example, a business where employees eat more than one meal per shift would need significantly more space, as each employee will be bringing more food.

What shelf type and spacing does a break room refrigerator need?

Your choice here is between wire shelving or slide shelving. Most units have wire shelves that allow plenty of airflow throughout the machine. Slides are typically used with sheet pans, which can be convenient when accessing the fridge's contents since employees can easily move the shelf to reach an item in the back. KaTom offers additional shelving that can be added to your fridge, increasing the available space for smaller items such as lunchboxes.

What maintenance is required for a refrigerator?

The condenser coils in your refrigerator should be cleaned every six months—possibly more if they become particularly dirty. Use a coil-cleaning brush (or a small paintbrush) to remove dirt and debris from the coils, being careful not to damage them, and then vacuum up the loosened debris. With clean coils, your refrigerator will run more efficiently, saving you money and increasing the longevity of your purchase.

Cleaning the interior and exterior of the refrigerator is easier than cleaning the coils. Most commercial refrigerators have coved (rounded) corners inside, enabling you to simply wipe up any spills or buildup without worrying about crevices. Different exteriors might require different methods of cleaning. Consult the owner's manual for your particular machine to determine the most efficient way to clean it.

Why won't my refrigerator hold temperature?

When a refrigerator is opened, the chilled air escapes very quickly. In order for the refrigerator to maintain its desired temperature, it needs dense substances inside that are resistant to heat. If you find your refrigerator is unable to maintain temperature, try adding a few gallon jugs of water. The water, once cold, will absorb excess heat and give your fridge a chance to catch up.

Do I need a break room freezer if I already have a refrigerator?

Having a break room freezer is a nice perk—some employees prefer bringing frozen meals, and a freezer lets them do that. Having a freezer also enables you to bring in ice cream or other frozen treats. If you don't need one with a large capacity, some models offer both a refrigerator and a freezer in one, which can save more money than buying both.

How do I install my break room fridge?

All our commercial break room refrigerators can be plugged into a regular 120-volt outlet. We do recommend that every new unit be given at least 24 hours to rest before it is plugged in to allow liquids that might have been displaced in transit to settle back into place. Ensure that the fridge is installed on a level surface so that these liquids will remain in place.

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