Commercial Pop Up Toaster

Commercial pop-up toasters, also called slot toasters, operate much like the ones many people are familiar with in their own homes. From mom and pop diners to fine dining establishments, toast is a common request from diners in the morning hours. Whether you need the occasional serving or you have a constant need for toast, a commercial toaster can provide the results you need. More

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Cadco CTW-6M
Cadco CTW-6M 6 Slot Toaster 1" Product Opening, 220v/1ph

KaTom #: 516-CTW6M220

$354.30 / Each
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Commonly Asked Questions About Commercial Pop-up Toasters

How does a commercial pop-up toaster work?

Bread is inserted into slots in the top of the toaster, then it is lowered into the toaster. Heating elements are activated when the lever is pressed. The bread is toasted for a set amount of time, which can be adjusted by the user to achieve the right level of color and crunch. When the toasting cycle is done, the lever pops up, raising the toast with it.

Can you toast bagels and buns in a pop-up toaster?

Some models of pop-up toasters can accommodate buns and bagels. However, there are two things to keep in mind if you'll be using your toaster for these items. First, the width of the slot needs to be wide enough for the bagel or bun to easily be inserted and popped out. Second, if you want to toast only one side of the bagel or bun, make sure that the heating elements on one side of the toaster can be turned off.

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