Maintaining Food Temperatures in Healthcare

Learn more about KaTom's solutions for promoting health and wellness in at-risk patients by maintaining safe food temperatures in healthcare settings.

New High Chair Regulations in 2019

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is implementing new regulations in June 2019 for high chair safety. Read the new requirements here.

Types of Plastic in Commercial Drinkware

Plastic drinkware used in commercial kitchens may be made from several materials. Learn more about them to choose the best option for your restaurant.

5 Reasons to Use LED Lights in Commercial Kitchen Equipment

LED lights are appearing in all kinds of commercial kitchen equipment. What do these new lights offer over the traditional fluorescent alternatives?

3 Benefits of Using Tablecloths in Your Restaurant

While tablecloths are typically considered decorations, they also have practical uses. Here are 3 reasons to consider using tablecloths in your restaurant.

Microban and Other Antimicrobial Products in Foodservice

Foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturers now offer more products that include antimicrobials like Microban. Learn more about those protections here.

Ice Bin Capacity Ratings

AHRI sets the standards that make it easier for consumers to compare commercial ice makers. Take a look at a recent change in those standards here.

Ensuring ADA Compliance in Foodservice Facilities

Complying with ADA guidelines may take some (mostly simple) work, but it can mean opening your doors to millions of potential customers.

Requirements for Gloves & Hair Nets in Restaurants

If your cooks aren't wearing gloves and hair nets, your restaurant could be violating the FDA Food Code's requirements for employee hygiene.

Customize Your Homer Laughlin China

To offer guests a truly unique and memorable experience, consider partnering with Homer Laughlin to stock your restaurant with custom dinnerware.

Walk-in Freezer & Cooler Safety

Learn how walk-in coolers and freezers are designed to prevent foodservice employees from becoming accidentally trapped inside.

Fight Microbes with Syracuse & Microban

The Constellation line of dinnerware from Libbey features Microban in the glaze, which helps prevent the spread of bacteria that cause foodborne illness.

Equipment Shipping Expectations

Knocked-down commercial ranges and ovens require some assembly prior to installation. Here's what to expect when you order those pieces of equipment.

Designing a Restaurant: Who Does What?

If you're building or renovating a restaurant, you will likely need professional help. Here, we discuss the roles of each person involved in that process.

What is HARPC?

Food safety has taken another step forward with the introduction of HARPC, a set of best practices that helps protect food in the processing stage.

Tips for Your Open Kitchen Restaurant

Open kitchen restaurants are trendy, but there are a few operational logistics to consider before committing to a renovation.

Dining Room Acoustics

Managing the noise level in your restaurant is an important part of creating an atmosphere that customers will enjoy and want to return to.

Clean-in-place with Server Products

The clean-in-place method can be a useful way to sanitize Server Products food pumps and dispensers quickly and easily without disassembly.

Escali Measurement Tools from San Jamar

Escali commercial scales, thermometers, and timers are now being supplied by San Jamar, an industry leader in kitchen and washroom products.

Hood Types: Greasy Distinction

Learn about the differences between the two types of commercial kitchen hood so you can select the right hood for your commercial kitchen.

New Efficiency Standards for Ice Makers

In an effort to create more energy efficient ice makers, updated Department of Energy standards will take effect in January 2018. Learn about them here.

Cooking with Computers

Computers have been making their way into almost every industry imaginable, and the restaurant industry is no exception.

What EISA Means for Your Walk-in Refrigeration

Take a look at the efficiency requirements for walk-in coolers and freezers established by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

Which Refrigerant Does Your Equipment Use?

To stay compliant with changing regulations, many commercial refrigeration manufacturers are switching to hydrocarbon refrigerants.