Use & Maintenance Advice

A Guide to Fryer Filter Cleaning

Find our quick reference guide to fryer filter cleaning here and keep your oil fresh, your food pure, and your filter unit working properly.

Care & Handling of Aluminum Cookware

Check out KaTom's guide to care and maintenance for aluminum cookware, and we'll explain how to clean aluminum cookware so that it shines for years to come.

Steam Table Best Practices

Steam tables keep food warm consistently for long periods of serving. Check out the best practices for using and maintaining commercial steam tables here.

Foodservice Professionals' Secrets for Cleaning Stainless Steel

Learn the secrets foodservice professionals know about cleaning stainless steel, including what NOT to do and why you probably already have all you need in your kitchen.

TurboChef Daily Cleaning Procedures

Daily cleanings are the best way to keep your TurboChef rapid cook oven in optimal shape. Here are some tips on how to clean it properly.

How to Use an Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers provide fast, accurate reads on surface temperatures. These tips will have you using your laser thermometer like a pro.

Walk-in Freezer & Cooler Safety

Learn how walk-in coolers and freezers are designed to prevent foodservice employees from becoming accidentally trapped inside.

Installing Your Kolpak Walk-in

Kolpak walk-in coolers are so simple to install that two people can do it in an afternoon. Here's a guide on how to get started.

Melamine Dinnerware Replacement Schedule

Learn how to maximize the service live of your melamine dinnerware and when to replenish inventory to maintain optimal appearance and performance.

Restaurant Dumpster Dangers

Dumpsters and waste management are often pain points for restaurateurs. From employee theft to fires, we cover how to navigate potential dumpster dangers.

A Guide to CaptiveAire Hood Maintenance

Learn how to maintain a CaptiveAire hood, understand the importance of hood cleaning, and be aware of issues that can be the result of improper maintenance.

Making the Most of Melamine

Properly caring for your melamine dinnerware can help extend its life and preserve its appearance, helping protect your restaurant's image and profits.

Signs of Warm Air Infiltration

Ice formation in walk-ins caused by warm air infiltration can lead to temperature issues and system failures. Learn how to identify and solve this issue.

Organize Dirty Dishes with the Decoy System

Using the dish decoy system in restaurant service can speed up the dishwashing process and keep your dishroom organized.

The Importance of Maintaining Beverage Dispenser Spigots

Your beverage dispenser spigot is a small but important component that needs to be cleaned and maintained for customer safety and satisfaction.

Portion Control Keeps Your Budget & Customers Happy

Restaurant portion control tools help you meet customer expectations while maintaining predictable profit margins.

Five Products that Make FIFO Easy

Restaurant workers are pushed to follow First-In-First-Out principles, but doing so can be inconvenient. These tools make FIFO easier.

What is a Carbon Steel Knife Patina?

Over time, carbon steel knives will form a dull gray finish called a "patina." Click to learn about this phenomenon and whether it's beneficial.

Cap Tubes vs. TXVs

TXVs and capillary tubes are two commercial refrigeration components that do the same thing, but in very different ways. Learn the differences here.

What's the Purpose of a Freezer Defrost Cycle?

Have you ever wondered why your commercial freezer needs a defrost system and how that system works? We explain here.

Install Your Ice Machine

While each model is a little different, this guide should give you an idea of what to expect when it is time to install your commercial ice machine.

TACT: The Key to Effective Dishwashing

Four main factors go into getting dishes clean and sanitized: temperature, agitation, chemicals, and time. Learn how to optimize each factor in TACT here.

What Does a Pilot Light Do?

Learn about the purpose of gas cooking equipment pilot lights and their advantages and disadvantages. We'll also cover common alternatives to pilot lights.

Autofill Options: Floats vs. Continuity Switches

Autofill is a convenient addition to equipment that requires water to operate. Learn more about the two types of autofill mechanisms here.