Use & Maintenance Advice

Using & Caring for Redco InstaCut Manual Food Choppers

Using Redco InstaCut manual food choppers can speed up your food prep and save on labor costs. Plus, they're easy to clean and maintain.

Food-grade Metals

Commercial kitchens are filled with metal surfaces, from refrigerator cabinets to work table tops. Learn about those materials and how to clean them here.

How to Clean a Server Pump

Keep your Server pump clean to ensure it continues to provide you reliable service in your restaurant, ice cream shop, or deli.

One Critical Step to Keeping Your Ice Machine Alive

One important but often-overlooked step to maintaining a commercial ice machine involves making sure certain critical components stay well-lubricated.

5 Reasons to Schedule a T&S Brass Water Audit

Old, worn-out fixtures or an inefficient work flow could be wasting water in your kitchen. Find out how a T&S Brass water audit can help save you money.

Tips For Safely Handling Frozen Food

Food safety is a goal for every restaurant operator. These tips will help keep your frozen foods safe from the moment you receive it until it is cooked.

2 Frozen Food Facts That Make all the Difference

Understanding two frozen food facts will help you serve the highest quality food to your customers and cut down on waste.

Star & Toastmaster Lava Rock Charbroiler Maintenance Tips

Keep your Star or Toastmaster lava rock charbroiler in top shape for longer with these 7 easy-to-follow tips.

How to Clean Your Popcorn Machine

Learn how to keep your popcorn machine cleaned and well maintained for the freshest-tasting popcorn. It will also extend the life of your equipment.

Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning & Maintenance

Keep your commercial ice machine clean and well-maintained with this handy guide.

iSi Whipper Tips

Proper use and care will keep your iSi whipper producing beautiful espumas and flavorful whipped creams for years to come.

How to Use a French Press

The French press is a no-fuss way to offer fresh, full-bodied coffee. Learn its history and how to use it here.

3 Tips for Caring for Wüsthof Knives

Taking care of a Wusthof knife set is made simple with this list. Follow our simple tips to properly use, clean, and hone to protect your Wusthof knives.

Tips for Cleaning Commercial Cooking Equipment

Maintaining and cleaning your commercial range is easy with cleaning tips best for cooking equipment. Learn to keep commercial ranges in top shape.

Fry More Foods & for Longer With These Easy Tips

Whether you’re new to commercial fryers or have used them for years, here are some easy tips to help you fry more efficiently and provide a better product.

Cleaning Your Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine

Ice-O-Matic offers tips to help you keep your ice machines clean, so you can be sure your customers are enjoying clean, sanitary ice from your equipment.

Organize & Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Learn about the equipment you need to keep your commercial kitchen organized and functional and your employees happy and productive.

Use Frymaster Accessories to Maintain Product Quality

Frymaster offers a number of fryer accessories that can extend the life of your oil and your product.

Inside a Commercial Ice Machine

Understanding how your commercial ice machine works can go a long way in keeping it clean and well-maintained. Learned about the major parts here.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cleaning Made Easy

Clean your Hoshizaki ice machine regularly to extend its life and prevent bacteria from growing. Follow these directions to clean your machine properly.

Basics of Sharpening Kitchen Knives

Dull knives can be a big safety hazard. Read more about how to properly sharpen your knives to make your food prep is as safe and easy as possible.

Get the Most from Your Vitamix Commercial Blender

Learn how to properly use and maintain Vitamix blenders and Vitamix blender parts.

Tips for Better Glassware Care

Adhering to proper maintenance techniques can protect your restaurant's glassware from damage and extend its life.

Chicago Metallic Bakeware Care

Chicago Metallic bakeware features a special glaze that helps it outperform the competition, but proper use and maintenance is important.