Pour a Glass of Milk and Prepare for a Month of Cookies

National Cookie Month is officially in full swing and here at KaTom, we will be celebrating the month-long holiday with weekly wrap ups from around the web. Think of these as your weekend to-do lists. Each week has a theme, so stay tuned for everything from family favorite recipes to the perfect large-batch freezer cookies.

Just before Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah, someone with the very important role of declaring food holidays decided there was a need for an entire month devoted to the art of all things cookies. With the endless lists of recipes, tips, and tricks, we are hoping Cookie Month ’14 will put to rest some confusion that comes along with the baking process and highlight some of the must-cook recipes and must-know tricks of the trade. Break out a tall glass of farm fresh milk; it’s going to be a delicious month!

Schneider Peeps Blog Cookies via @KaTomRS

Image by www.schneiderpeeps.com

Angi at Schneiderpeeps presented Chocolate Dipped, Sunbutter Cookies. SunButter is a great alternative to peanut butter, but has a small quirk. Angi shared that, “. . . there is chlorophyll in sunflower seeds and that chlorophyll will react with baking soda and turn green.” Find out how she kept these beauties golden brown.

Joybilee Farm Blog Cookies

Image by www.joybileefarm.com

Chris at Joybilee Farm created a chocolate-lover’s dream with her recipe for Triple Chocolate Chip cookies. With a combination of Bob’s Red Mill Organic flour, craft chocolate from Roger’s Chocolates out of Victoria, British Columbia, and organic, fair trade cocoa from Tropical Traditions, this is an indulgence you can feel good about.

104 Homestead Cookies

Image by www.104homestead.com

Jess at the 104 Homestead went the extra mile and created a list of 8 Tricks for Extraordinary Cookies and developed a recipe for these colorful and sparkly Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies. Described as being a forgiving cookie to decorate, I’d venture a guess that they’re even easier to eat!

Life Love and Good Food Blog Cookies

Image from www.lifeloveandgoodfood.com

Sheila at Life, Love, and Good Food took her inspiration from one of the many cookbooks in her collection, the 1998 edition of Southern Living Christmas. She combined her love of chocolate with Bob’s Red Mill organic flour, and two spectacular ingredients from Asheville: Carmelita Goat Milk Caramel from Looking Glass Creamery and Unsweetened bean-to-bar chocolate from French Broad Chocolates. Trust me when I tell you this is an ingredient combination that couldn’t be anything shy of SPECTACULAR. I simply can’t wait to try her Chocolate Ganache Pecan Shortbread recipe.

Homespun Seasonal Living Blog Cookies

Image from www.homespunseasonalliving.com

Kathie at Homespun Seasonal Living opted for the warm, homey flavors of fall with Chai Spice and Cream Drop Cookies. These cookies are ideal for enjoying the crisp air of the season and would pair perfectly with a freshly steeped cup of tea. Interestingly, as with many of the more coveted treats in the foodie world, Kathie explains that the flavors in these cookies actually develop and become richer over a day’s time.

Nik Snacks Blog

Image from www.niksnacksonline.com

Nikki at Nik Snacks shared what she describes as, “her best cookie recipe” and the one she entered into the World Food Championships in Las Vegas in 2013: Dark Chocolate Orange Cardamom Cookies. Try this cookie for a unique take on the traditional, quick chocolate cookie. There’s no reason “quick” should dismiss “creative.”

Homestead Lady Blog Cookies

Image from www.homesteadlady.com

Tessa at Homestead Lady took the first week of National Cookie Month in a slightly different direction and shared her guidance on how to create your own ingredients for the most delicious and truly homemade cookies. From homemade vanilla extract to sprinkles and even flour, she covered a little bit of everything in her post Baking Supplies: Make Your Own.

Pure Grace Farms Blog Cookies

Image from www.puregracefarms.com

Shari at Pure Grace Farms may have my favorite recipe of the week for the singular reason that she has found a way to make it socially acceptable to eat cookies for breakfast. That’s right, tell the co-workers to lay off the judgment. Introducing Shari’s Wholesome Sunbutter Breakfast Cookies. Cue the angelic riff!

The Monday Box Blog Cookies

Image from www.TheMondayBox.com

Wendy at The Monday Box shared one of the most beautiful recipes I’ve ever seen in the cookie department. Unsure if I should just stare at them or actually taste them, they are definitely on my to-bake list for the weekend. Wendy combined the use of India Tree’s Natural Food dies with a unique food painting technique to achieve or life-like look. Be sure to check out her recipe for Gingerbread Fall Leaves before you plan your Thanksgiving dessert menu.

Stay Tuned for Week One: Family Favorite Cookie Recipes and Tips (October 5th through 11th)

Chances are you have a memory of sneaking into the pantry or cookie jar to snag another of your favorite childhood cookies. For me, it was all about waiting patiently(ish) for my Gram’s cookies to arrive in the mail each November. Truthfully, I didn’t even like oatmeal as a kid, but the love she shared through those homemade oatmeal cookies is indescribable. This week, the focus is on cookies just like that. The ones that evoke emotion include an ingredient that these bloggers are passionate about, and of course a few that are downright delicious.

Chelsea B. Sanz
Chelsea B. Sanz

Chelsea Sanz has lived in East Tennessee since her family moved here from South Florida just before she started high school. While she initially begrudged her new home state, she eventually realized she had come to not only love it, but to “bleed orange” as University of Tennessee Volunteers fans here like to say. She and her boyfriend Hunter, a trail worker for Great Smoky Mountains National Park, enjoy exploring the nation’s most visited national park and coming up with their own farm-to-table recipes.

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  1. October 10, 2014 at 6:28 pm, Shari Eckstrom said:

    What a beautiful line up of cookies. October and National Cookie Month is sure to become one of my favorites. I never met a cookie I didn't like…okay maybe one or two, but it doesn't happen often. I look forward to all the great cookies ahead. Thank you for sharing mine!


  2. October 10, 2014 at 6:36 pm, Life, Love, and Good Food said:

    Chelsea, what an awesome recap! Thanks for sharing your review of our first week of #cookiemonth14! I think I can speak for my other blogging friends in saying that we are having a blast and can't wait to share more cookies and tips with you through out the month. Happy Weekend! Have a cookie!


  3. October 10, 2014 at 6:48 pm, Wendy Sondov said:

    Thanks, Chelsea, for sharing the excitement about Cookie Month! It has been so much fun working with these amazing bloggers and supportive sponsors! Every time I think the recipes can't get any better, they do! I am so glad you are joining us on this cookie adventure! Thank you for your kind words about the Gingerbread Fall Leaves. They are fun to make AND to eat. I hope you enjoy them!


  4. October 10, 2014 at 8:17 pm, Tessa Zundel said:

    Chelsea – you made us look good enough to eat – thank you!


  5. October 10, 2014 at 10:59 pm, Chris J. Dalziel said:

    Chelsea, that was so well done. You have a gift for making us look amazing! Thanks for the write up about #CookieMonth14. It's been so much fun working with these amazing bloggers and I like that breakfast sunbutter cookie, too. Cookies are better than left over pizza for breakfast, and that's saying a lot.


  6. October 14, 2014 at 2:12 pm, KaTom Restaurant Supply, INC. said:

    I completely agree! And I was thinking you could really play around with fun ad-ins to keep the recipe fresh. It’s a wonderful base for any season.


  7. October 14, 2014 at 2:12 pm, KaTom Restaurant Supply, INC. said:

    They look like art! I was just so impressed. In fact, I’m thinking about making them the centerpiece for my Thanksgiving dessert spread.


  8. October 14, 2014 at 2:13 pm, KaTom Restaurant Supply, INC. said:

    I completely agree. I officially have another reason to love October! Can’t wait to hear some of your tips and tricks for achieving the very best cookies.


  9. October 14, 2014 at 2:13 pm, KaTom Restaurant Supply, INC. said:

    Happy to do it! Lucky to have such a great group helping us all prepare for the holidays with delicious cookie recipes.


  10. October 14, 2014 at 2:22 pm, KaTom Restaurant Supply, INC. said:

    Everyone has been so creative so far. It's certainly made the project great fun. I'm really looking forward to the "make-ahead" week. It can be such a pain trying to prepare dough in the midst of the busy holiday season. I'm sure you all will come up with some delicious, approachable recipes and tips.