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Lincoln has the best impinger oven for your kitchen, whether you need a countertop unit to toast a few sandwiches at lunch or a high-volume oven that can bake pizza after pizza all day long. They're available in natural gas, LP, and electric versions in a number of sizes up to 78 inches wide. Many of these impingers are stackable, making it easy to expand your output without having to create a larger footprint. More

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Lincoln 1451-000-U
Lincoln 1451-000-U 78" Impinger Conveyor Oven - LP

SKU: 054-1451000ULP

Lincoln 1180-2G
Lincoln 1180-2G 56" Impinger Conveyor Oven - NG

SKU: 054-11802GNG

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The impingement method of baking uses jets of hot air directed at food to break apart the 'halo' of cold air that typically surrounds items as they bake. Without that cold air to insulate it, food cooks quickly and evenly, so an impinger can speed up your output versus traditional ovens. While they can be used to bake everything from potatoes to chicken, the impinger makes an especially good pizza oven because it can be easily set up to bake pies back to back with amazing efficiency.

Lincoln impinger ovens have a reputation for being easy to operate. Set the oven's temperature and belt speed, and you're ready to bake pizza after pizza continuously with no labor on the part of the user. There's little risk of under- or overcooking, since food exits the oven after it's been carried through the chamber. After cooking, it rests on a landing platform to cool before it is cut.

Lincoln essentially invented the impinger oven, being the first manufacturer to offer them in America. Since then, their name has become synonymous with this innovative cooking method, both because they were first and because many customers believe they do it best. A Lincoln impinger pizza oven can cut cooking times by as much as half while also cutting the labor required for preparation. That means you can crank out more product with less staff time, potentially increasing profits and decreasing labor costs.

The simplicity of operation makes the impinger a great tool in kitchens with limited time to train employees or high labor turnover. Because the Lincoln impinger oven comes with precise and programmable controls, it can also be used to establish solid best-practice guidelines to ensure products are consistent between batches and across store locations.