NoTrax Floor Mats, Hoses and Nozzles

In restaurants, grease and water can cause slippery, dangerous floors. Notrax is here to save the day with their quality line of grease-resistant floor mats.

NoTrax Safety / Anti-Fatigue Mats

A must have for any kitchen or restaurant, NoTrax safety and anti-fatigue mats will not only keep your employees safe but also reduce the fatigue from being on...

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NoTrax Hot Water Hoses & Nozzles

Giving you the tools you need to spray down the line or spray off the back dock, NoTrax Hot Water Hoses and Nozzles are a great addition to your kitchens invent...

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NoTrax Wiper / Scraper Mats

NoTrax wiper and scraper mats are the perfect mat for your restaurants entrance way or any area in your establishment that may need more traction.

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No Trax Cutting Boards

NoTrax cutting boards are made of high-density materials that will not swell, splinter, crack, or absorb odors.

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NoTrax Bar & Shelf Liners

NoTrax bar and shelfl liners are a great addition to any restaurant or bar.

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