T&S Brass

T&S Brass has set plumbing industry standards for half a century. They take quality to heart with their well-made, durable products and repair kits.

T&S Brass:  Gas Appliance Connectors

Install gas appliances easy and hassle-free with T&S Brass gas appliance connectors.

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T&S Brass: Glass Fillers/Water Stations

Keep hands clean when handling customers' glasses with T&S Brass glass fillers/water stations that eliminate the need to use faucet handles which can harbor ger...

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T&S Brass: Waste Valves/Drains

Prevent clogged drains from waste in your sinks with T&S Brass waste valves and drains.

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T&S Brass: Repair Kits

Keep extra parts on hand for easy replacement of commonly worn items with T&S Brass repair kits.

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T&S Brass:  Dipperwell Faucets/Bowls

Save downtime between frequently used utensils by keeping them rinsed clean in T&S Brass dipperwell faucets and bowls.

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T&S Brass: Vacuum Breakers & Backflow Preventers

Avoid getting water sucked from your hoses back into the municipal supply with T&S Brass vacuum breakers and backflow preventers.

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T&S Brass: Single Lever Faucets

Fresh clean water is as easy as the flip of a lever when you use T&S Brass single lever faucets.

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If you need to wash dishes in the kitchen or hands in the bathroom, T&S Brass sink faucets have what you need.

Whatever you need a faucet for; you'll find that T&S Brass pot/kettle fillers and faucets have the items to make your cooking experience easier.

Get everything but the kitchen sink to add the final touches to sink repairs with T&S Brass components.