Gold Medal

Gold Medal

Gold Medal products are known for their quality manufacturing and eye catching design that makes them perfect for carnival or fair use.

Gold Medal Fudge, Chili, & Barbecue Warmer

Give your guests the warmed sauces they prefer by using a Gold Medal fudge, chili and barbecue warmer.

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Gold Medal Churros

Browse our selection of equipment for making and merchandising fresh Gold Medal Churros.

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Gold Medal Lemonade

Gold Medal lemonade supplies include equipment for squeezing fresh lemons and cups with lids for serving customers.

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Gold Medal Pizza Merchandisers & Ovens

Gold Medal pizza ovens will easily bake pizza in your small concession stand without taking up much space.

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Gold Medal French Fries

Delight your customers with Gold Medal French fries.

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Gold Medal Miscellaneous

Gold Medal miscellaneous concession supplies section is full of concession stand gems here.

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Gold Medal Concession Cleaning Products

Gold Medal concession cleaning products are available for all types of material, from glass to stainless steel.

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Gold Medal Carnival Games

Choose from a variety of Gold Medal carnival games that are simple to set up and are built to be safe for children of all ages.

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Gold Medal Scoops

Gold Medal ice scoops are durable for the long lasting use your business needs.

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Gold Medal Concession Trays & Cups

Gold Medal concession trays and cups to make it easy for your customers to walk away from your stand with the treats you sell.

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Gold Medal Posters

Advertise your way to success with Gold Medal posters.

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Gold Medal Bag Sealers

Seal up the freshness with Gold Medal bag sealers.

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Gold Medal Blooming Onion

A Gold Medal blooming onion cutter slices the onion into a bloom with a single press.

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Gold Medal Light Up Signs

Let everyone around know what you're selling at your concession stand with Gold Medal light up signs.

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Use your Gold Medal popcorn supplies to create the fragrant popcorn your stand needs to bring in buying customers.

Your guests won't be able to pass up this breakfast treat when you use a Gold Medal waffle.

A Gold Medal slushie machine enables you to customize your products to create unique recipes with flavors like strawberry daiquiri and pina colada.

Gold Medal nachos and cheese supplies include serving trays, chips, single servings of cheese and salsa, and bags of cheese, chili, and salsa.

Gold Medal caramel corn mix, machines, and accessories include everything needed to create and serve this delicious treat.

Gold Medal candy apples are made with a stove is designed to melt and warm different flavors of apple coating.

Gold Medal corn dogs are delicious grab and go treats. We offer fryers, skewers and corn dog mix.

Gold Medal kettle corn supplies include bags and containers, flavor mix, and kettle corn machines.

Gold Medal pretzels are a convenient snack that your customers can enjoy from a concession stand or street vendor cart.

Caffeinate your guests the right way; order Gold Medal cafe supplies here.

Gold Medal doughnuts accessories such as cutters, bags, chocolate dip coating, and donut fryers can be found here.

Add Gold Medal frosted nut flavorings and accessories to your concession stand offerings.

Choose from a variety of Gold Medal ice cream and yogurt equipment here.

Gold Medal smoothies are delicious treats. Choose from a variety of dairy and non-dairy selections.