Duke Food Tables, Bars and Ovens

Duke Manufacturing makes several trusted styles of ovens to choose from as well as food bars and food tables that are perfect for buffets and restaurants.

Duke Ovens

Duke Ovens include top-of-the-line convection ovens and proofer combos for high-volume restaurant kitchens and bakeries.

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Duke Hot Food Table

Duke hot food tables with electric power are perfect for restaurants with buffets. Ideal for keeping your hot food items warm for your guests.

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Duke Hot Food Table Accessories

Duke hot food table accessories will keep your buffet clean while giving you everything you need to provide a superior experience.

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Duke Portable Cold Food Bars

Duke portable cold food bars are durable, easy to clean, and even easier to move when the lunch rush is over.

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Duke Dishtables

Do you feel like your kitchen dish area hasn't enough room to work? Expand on your dish area with Duke dishtables.

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