Krowne Bar & Refrigeration Restaurant Merchandise

Since the 1940's, Krowne Metal Corp. has produced precision-engineered bar and refrigeration equipment. Today their lineup also includes plumbing fixtures, sinks, ice bins, and many more solutions for pubs and restaurants.

Krowne Ice Bin & Bar Equipment

Krowne bar equipment is what put the company on the map. Invest in an underbar station or a Krowne ice bin from this selection.

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Krowne Sinks

From underbar compartment sinks to wall-mounted hand sinks, Krowne sinks can provide many of your foodservice sink needs.

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Krowne Faucet

Krowne faucets include a full line of fixtures, including pre-rinse units, hand sink faucets, and compartment sink faucets with extra-long swing spouts.

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Krowne Parts & Accessories

Find the essentials you need to complete your Krowne equipment here, including Krowne faucet parts, casters, and accessories for ice bins and sinks.

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