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Dinex Servingware, Carts, Counters & Other Equipment

Dinex Cart

A Dinex cart is a great solution for storing and transporting your serving trays and cooking equipment.

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Dinex Servingware

Dinex servingware is a full line of insulated and non-insulated items, as well as wax- and pellet-heated bases.

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Dinex Serving Stations & Counters

Dinex serving stations and counters let you build modular serving lines to create custom serving solutions.

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Dinex Specialty Equipment & Accessories

Here you'll find Dinex specialty equipment and accessories for many of the most popular products.

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Dinex Rack

A Dinex rack is available to store and transport induction bases, insulated trays, dome covers, and wash racks.

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Dinex Servingware Dispenser

A Dinex servingware dispenser is a convenient way to store and dispense serving pieces like trays, silverware, and dishes.

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