Edlund manufactures only the strongest and highest quality knife holders and sharpeners, tongs, scales, and can openers.

Edlund Tongs

These lightweight and durable Edlund restaurant tongs are perfect for any restaurant or chef.

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Edlund Knife Holders

These Edlund knife holders are a great addition to any kitchen, giving you what you need to keep your knives organized and sanitary.

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Edlund Miscellaneous

These Edlund miscellaneous scale parts are priced competitively with your budget in mind.

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Edlund Food Prep

Great for prepping food, Edlund food prep items will make your cooks life that much easier.

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Edlund Can Crusher

Our Edlund can crusher is a manual feed hydraulic powered crusher that makes disposing of cans that much easier.

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Edlund Knife Sharpeners

These easy to use Edlund knife sharpeners are a must have for any serious kitchen.

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Edlund can openers are made with heavy duty materials so they will last in your kitchen.

When you use an Edlund scales your restaurant's portions will all be uniform every time, saving money on over portioning.