Correll takes pride in making quality foldable chairs and tables that are easy to store during times you need to clean.

Correll Folding Tables

Correll folding tables are a great investment for catering companies or even schools that need extra tables for assemblies or dances.

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Correll Chair Trucks

Our Correll chair trucks give you the ability to transport numerous chairs at one time.

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Correll Table Trucks

Correll table trucks allow you to consolidate your labor hours by making sure the job of removing tables is done quickly and efficiently.

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Correll Activity Tables

Correll activity tables feature folding legs that make it easier to transport and store them during cleaning.

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Correll Flip Top Tables

Save space in your business's office or conference room by replacing your old tables with Correll flip top tables.

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Correll Folding Chairs

Correll folding chairs are great for companies that put on events or companies that need extra seating.

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