Migali commercial products are designed for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly performance. With so many models and features available, operators can obtain equipment for applications ranging from cooking, storing, and displaying food to holding vaccines and biological samples.

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Necessary in restaurants as well as other settings, Migali freezers ensure frozen products stay cold. Find the best one for your establishment here.

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Click here for our selection of Migali refrigerators. We carry a wide variety of equipment from this trusted brand, so every operator can find what they need.

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Built to withstand long-term use, Migali cooking equipment is durable and available in different configurations. We'll discuss all of your options here.

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Click here for our selection of Migali Scientific products. These high-quality freezers, refrigerators, and other pieces ensure all your samples stay safe.

Migali: What You Need to Know

Migali makes high-quality commercial restaurant equipment in a wide range of sizes and functions. Additionally, the company is a proud sponsor of the largest environmental movement in the world: Earth Day Network. All its refrigeration products use nontoxic, all-natural hydrocarbon refrigerants, such as R290 or R600. These environmentally conscious refrigerants provide almost zero global warming potential and can save money by reducing utility bills. Many options meet the stringent Energy Star rating requirements, as well, meaning buyers may qualify for a rebate. Furthermore, the company pledges to plant a tree for every product sold.

Common Questions About Migali

What is Migali Industries?

Migali Industries is an American, family-owned business that has been in operation for more than 60 years, and this experience has informed and influenced the design of all the equipment on offer. Its commitment to providing standardized commercial kitchen and laboratory equipment has made the company's name recognizable as a purveyor of durable, high-quality industrial equipment across the country. Striving to balance equipment quality with price value, the company offers a range of options for any budget, so whether you're outfitting a kitchen, bar, grocery store, gas station, or laboratory, Migali is sure to have a model that fits your needs.

Where does Migali make its refrigerators?

The commercial refrigerator and freezer division of Migali is in Blackwood, New Jersey. Since 1955, the company has been manufacturing commercial equipment in the U.S.A. Various types of equipment are designed to meet CDC, AAP, and NSF standards, as well as WHO and FDA guidelines. Energy Star-certified options are also available, making these products a sound choice for the most demanding applications. More details on a specific product or series can be found on the product spec sheet included on each product page.

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