Founded in 1987, Fetco is a leading manufacturer of brewing equipment for hot and cold beverages and a trusted name in the drink machine industry. The Lake Zurich, Ill.-based company prides itself on designing high-quality beverage machines, including coffee brewers and accessories, frozen drink machines, and iced tea brewers. Browse our selection of Fetco equipment below to find the right option for your business. More

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Fetco F001
Fetco F001 Paper Coffee Filters for TBS-2121, 2050, & 5000 Series...

KaTom #: 766-F001

In Stock
$28.14 / Case of 500
Fetco F002
Fetco F002 Paper Coffee Filters for CBS-51H-10, 2030, & 2040 Serie...

KaTom #: 766-F002

In Stock
$21.75 / Case of 500
Fetco D041
Fetco D041 3.0 Liter Lever-Action Airpot w/ Stainless Liner

KaTom #: 766-D041

In Stock
$55.12 / Each
Fetco PEL-0301
Fetco PEL-0301 Frozen Drink Machine w/ (3) 3.2 gal Hopper, 115v

KaTom #: 766-PEL0301

$2,548.00 / Each
Fetco B003218B1
Fetco B003218B1 Brew Basket for XTS™ & Extractor® V+™ Brewers - 13...

KaTom #: 766-B003218B1

In Stock
$100.38 / Each
Fetco B014218BN2
Fetco B014218BN2 Brew Basket w/ Brown Insert for XTS™ & Extractor®...

KaTom #: 766-B014218BN2

In Stock
$34.38 / Each
Fetco F007
Fetco F007 Paper Coffee Filters - 11.25" x 3.75"

KaTom #: 766-F007

In Stock
$24.75 / Case of 500
Fetco CBS-2121A
Fetco CBS-2121A Pourover Coffee Brewer w/ 1.4 Gallon Capacity, 120v

KaTom #: 766-CBS2121A

In Stock
$481.00 / Each
Fetco CBS-2152XTS
Fetco CBS-2152XTS Automatic Twin Coffee Brewer w/ 15.5 gal/hr Output,...

KaTom #: 766-CBS2152XTS

$2,087.80 / Each
Fetco D009
Fetco D009 1.5 gal LUXUS® Thermal Coffee Dispenser, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 766-D009

In Stock
$321.00 / Each
Fetco F003
Fetco F003 Paper Coffee Filters - 9.75" x 4.5"

KaTom #: 766-F003

In Stock
$30.25 / Case of 1000
Fetco TBS-2121XTS
Fetco TBS-2121XTS 3.5 gal Iced Tea Brewer w/ Digital Controls, 120v

KaTom #: 766-TBS2121XTS

$737.58 / Each
Fetco A113
Fetco A113 Hot Tea Infuser for LUXUS® LD/L4D/L4S/TPD

KaTom #: 766-A113

In Stock
$55.00 / Each
Fetco A147
Fetco A147 Single Serving Station for LUXUS® L4S-10

KaTom #: 766-A147

In Stock
$95.04 / Each
Fetco A150
Fetco A150 Single Serving Station for LUXUS® L4S-15 and L4S-20

KaTom #: 766-A150

In Stock
$103.62 / Each
Fetco A151
Fetco A151 Twin Serving Station for LUXUS® L4S-15 and L4S-20

KaTom #: 766-A151

In Stock
$173.98 / Each
Fetco A152
Fetco A152 Triple Serving Station for LUXUS® L4S-15 and L4S-20

KaTom #: 766-A152

In Stock
$240.51 / Each
Fetco A153
Fetco A153 Dual Coffee Warmer for Glass Decanters, 120v

KaTom #: 766-A153

In Stock
$66.88 / Each
Fetco A155
Fetco A155 Dual Step-Up Coffee Warmer for Glass Decanters, 120v

KaTom #: 766-A155

In Stock
$100.00 / Each
Fetco B001110G1
Fetco B001110G1 Iced Tea Brew Basket w/ Green Handle - 16" x 6", Stain...

KaTom #: 766-B001110G1

In Stock
$140.25 / Each
Fetco B001280B1
Fetco B001280B1 Brew Basket for XTS™ & Extractor® V+™ Brewers - 16...

KaTom #: 766-B001280B1

In Stock
$127.91 / Each
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Common Questions About Fetco

Which Fetco coffee brewer is right for me?

In order to decide which Fetco coffee brewer best fits your needs, you first have to decide how much coffee your business plans on producing during each daypart. For operations where coffee is served in high volumes or is a staple on the menu, you should look at options capable of producing larger batches. On the other hand, if coffee is not one of your featured menu items, a smaller unit should be able to help your servers ensure your guests at least have coffee when it is requested.

Fetco coffee brewers are categorized by their per-hour brewing capacities, which range from about 3.9 gallons per hour on the low end to 36 gallons per hour on the high end. These brewers are also available in single and twin warmer options.

Something else you should keep in mind when looking to purchase a Fetco coffee brewer is how much space you have available. Fetco brewers may be 19 inches to 78.5 inches tall and range in width from 7.63 inches to 36 inches.

All Fetco brewers also have a hot water faucet built into the product. Having one of these built into your coffee brewer will provide your business and guests with the capability to make other options such as hot chocolate, tea, and oatmeal.

Does my brewer require a specific Fetco coffee filter?

While Fetco coffee brewers do not require you to use a Fetco coffee filter, Fetco does offer a line of paper coffee filters. With six different filter sizes, you are sure to find one that is right for your specific brewer; even if you don't have a Fetco brewer, Fetco coffee filters are compatible with other vendors' products, depending on size. Be sure to look at the product descriptions of both your brewer and the filter you plan on buying to ensure correct sizing.

How can I keep my coffee warm after it has been brewed?

Keeping coffee warm after it has been brewed is essential for any restaurant, as your customers expect their hot coffee to be hot. To solve this problem, Fetco offers coffee warmers for glass decanters. Fetco's warmers are designed with a proprietary temperature limiting system that enables them to resist overheating while maintaining the optimal serving temperature.

What other products does Fetco offer?

Fetco offers a line of frozen drink machines and a line of iced tea brewers. The frozen drink machines are sold with one, two, or three 3.2-gallon hoppers, and the iced tea brewers are designed to hold one or two 3.5-gallon dispensers, so operators can choose the machine size that will best meet their production demands.

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