Types of Fryer

Whether you are frying high-sediment breaded foods or wet-battered items, find the type of commercial fryer you need for your kitchen here.

Tube-type Fryer

Tube-type fryers have large cold zones that help prevent your oil from taking on a burnt flavor from carbonized sediment. Shop KaTom's selection of tube fryers...

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Open-pot Fryer

Open-pot fryers are ideal for cooking low-sediment products like french fries and other non-breaded items. Browse open-pot fryers here.

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Commercial Pressure Fryer

The commercial pressure fryer has been trusted for decades to provide succulent and flavorful fried chicken, batch after batch.

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Flat-bottom Fryer

Flat-bottom fryers are best for frying items made of or coated in wet batter or dough, like funnel cakes, battered chicken, doughnuts, or tempura.

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