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As with many other concession foods, it's easy to see why donuts require specialty cooking equipment. They need a wide, square vat that can cook several of them at the same time. While frying, they have to be kept away from the heating elements and remain submerged in the oil, which is accomplished with a pair of grates that are lowered into the vat. Finally, they need a drainboard so that excess oil can run off them before they're served. These units are great for hotels that want to add a scratch-made touch to their continental breakfast bars, upscale restaurants creating unique recipes, and concession stands that will sell these round treats by the dozen. More

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Comstock-Castle 2941SF
Comstock-Castle 2941SF 41" Gas Funnel Cake Fryer w/ (8) Cake Capacity,...

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Comstock-Castle 2923SF
Comstock-Castle 2923SF 23" Gas Funnel Cake Fryer w/ (4) Cake Capacity,...

KaTom #: 025-2923SFLP

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Comstock-Castle 2923SF
Comstock-Castle 2923SF 23" Gas Funnel Cake Fryer w/ (4) Cake Capacity,...

KaTom #: 025-2923SFNG

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Comstock-Castle 2932SF
Comstock-Castle 2932SF 32" Gas Funnel Cake Fryer w/ (6) Cake Capacity,...

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Common Questions About Donut Fryers

What does a donut fryer do?

Designed specifically to fry donuts, these units have a large, shallow vat. Like funnel cake fryers, donut fryers have flat bottoms that work best with the wet batter and dough used to make donuts. As the dough cooks, it sinks to the bottom of the vat, and the vat's incorporated grate keeps the dough separated from heating elements. Before the donuts are served to customers, excess liquid is drained off of them with a drainboard, preventing them from getting soggy.

How do I find the best commercial donut fryer?

Capacity is an important factor when choosing a donut fryer. Depending on the amount of oil the unit holds, it can fry hundreds of donuts each hour. The amount of space you have available for the donut fryer will dictate the capacity of the unit. Most countertop donut fryers range from 20 to 50 inches in width, but there are also larger floor models. The amount of BTUs the donut fryer produces directly affects the number of donuts you can fry per hour.

What is the best oil to use in a donut fryer?

Peanut oil is often used with donuts, funnel cakes, and other bread products since it has a neutral, sweet flavor and a high smoke point that ranges from 440 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. With peanut oil, there is often a concern about peanut allergies, but since it doesn't contain the proteins that trigger allergic reactions, the FDA doesn't list peanut oil as a major allergen.

Coconut oil is a popular option because of its health benefits. However, this type of oil is more expensive than other options. Because of its mild and slightly sweet flavor, the oil is perfect for donut fryers. The 350-degree Fahrenheit smoke point means it can be used with most frying applications.

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