A Guide to Restaurant Equipment at KaTom

KaTom's Restaurant Equipment Road Map

KaTom's restaurant equipment section houses thousands of pieces of commercial kitchen equipment and supplies frequently used in small diners, multi-star restaurants, concession stands, food trucks, and other foodservice operations. This equipment is spread out over more than 25 categories, although some items can be found in more than one category. This guide will help you navigate the restaurant equipment listings on the KaTom website, so you can find exactly what you need to keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly.

Commercial Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

Ice makers and ice machines are essential components of nearly any commercial kitchen. These machines are available in a variety of sizes and styles, from undercounter ice machines to high-capacity machine-and-bin combos. Countertop ice dispensers are also available for establishments with lower demands for ice production. You'll also find ice maker filters that purify water and ice machine compressors for remote-cooled units.

Commercial refrigeration covers a wide variety of essential kitchen equipment like reach-in refrigerators, more specialized options like floral coolers, and everything in between. This category also includes prep tables for sandwiches, salads, and pizzas; glass door merchandisers and open air coolers; back bar coolers, bottle coolers, draft beer systems, glass chillers, and commercial wine coolers; undercounter refrigerators, worktop refrigerators, and chef bases; bakery display cases, deli cases, and sushi cases; and drop-in coolers and countertop refrigerator options.

Other specialized refrigeration units include milk coolers for lunchrooms and cafeterias, medical refrigerators designed for healthcare institutions, and combination reach-in refrigerator/freezers, also called dual-temperature units. Walk-in refrigerators can be purchased to meet high-volume cold storage needs, but shouldn't be expected to lower temperatures of large amounts of food.

Although commercial freezers can conveniently be accessed through the refrigeration category because they are often bought together, this equipment also has its own category and includes several types of general and specialized cold storage options. This commercial kitchen equipment comes in three main types: reach-in freezers, undercounter freezers, and walk-in freezers. Display freezers, which take the forms of both floor and countertops units, have glass doors and are often seen in grocery and convenience stores. Ice cream operations will want to invest in ice cream freezers and dipper wells, while buffets can benefit from frost top units.

Commercial dishwashers are common investments for many restaurants. Because the needs of each business varies so much, there is a wide selection of dishwashers available. These include undercounter dishwashers, door-type dishwashers, and conveyor dishwashers, which may sanitize with chemicals (often called low-temp dishwashers) or through 180-degree-plus water (called high-temp dishwashers). Dish tables can be used to improve the layout and workflow of your dish room. No matter the type of dishwasher your restaurant uses, no operation is complete without dishwasher racks, glass racks, bus tubs, and the other dishwasher parts and accessories that help employees transport, organize, and clean dishes and glasses.

Restaurant cooking equipment contains essential pieces that will be found in nearly every commercial kitchen, including many that are grouped into separate categories like ranges, grills, steamers, deep fryers, ovens, and broilers. You'll also find charbroilers, toasters, hot plates, panini presses, pasta cookers, steam kettles, and braising pans and tilt skillets, as well as more specialized equipment like crepe makers, rice cookers, and waffle makers.

Commercial ranges and cooktops include both traditional and specialized options. That means gas, electric, and induction ranges with as many as six burners, as well as cooktop units designed to be placed on a countertop. Commercial hot plates are countertop units that allow kitchens to add a few extra burners without investing the money and floor space required for another range, while specialized range options include stock pot ranges, wok ranges, and Mongolian BBQ ranges. Other countertop equipment includes cheese melters and salamander broilers. Flue risers are required for many commercial ranges and can be found in this category.

Commercial grills include griddles and charbroilers, which are versatile pieces of countertop equipment. This category also houses heavy-duty outdoor grills and teppanyaki griddles. Grill and griddle accessories are important investments for keeping your equipment clean and functioning properly.

Commercial work tables come in a number of styles to suit a variety of needs. These include specialty work tables like dish tables and beverage stations, as well as more common types like stainless steel work tables, wood-top work tables, and kitchen equipment tables.

Commercial steamers are available in a few different versions, either as countertop or full-size steamers, convection or gas steamers, or high-volume pressure steamers. Steam generators can be paired with steaming equipment that do not have self-contained boilers, and water filters can help protect your steam cooking equipment from damage.

Beverage equipment and supplies contain everything you need to blend, brew, mix, store, and serve beverages of all types. This includes commercial blenders and milkshake mixers; bar ice bins and bar sinks; speed rails, cooling tubs, liquor displays, and beer systems; and decanters, carafes, and pitchers. You'll also find drink dispensers, beverage refrigerators, hot beverage dispensers, commercial coffee makers, tea brewers, and juicers, as well as water filters for ice makers, coffee makers, and other equipment. Soft-serve ice cream machines can add refreshing frozen treats to your menu.

Food preparation equipment contains tools for prepping fruits, vegetables, and meats. This includes multi-purpose equipment like commercial blenders, mixers, cutter mixers, buffalo choppers, food processors, slicers, and other meat processing equipment, as well as more specialized equipment like immersion blenders, milkshake mixers, and french fry cutters. This category also allows you to navigate to fruit and vegetable tools such as salad spinners and vegetable slicers, commercial food scales, juicers, and various kitchen tools.

Deep fryers can take the form of floor, countertop, or built-in models that use either gas or electricity. Fryers designed for more specific applications include doughnut fryers, corn dog fryers, funnel cake fryers, and pressure fryers, which are used primarily to cook chicken. Fryer cleaning supplies and fryer accessories will ensure operators are able to properly use and maintain the fryer.

Commercial mixers include immersion blenders, planetary bench mixers, stand mixers and other countertop mixers, cutter mixers and blender mixers.

Commercial ovens encompass cooking ovens like convection ovens, smoker ovens, combi ovens, rotisserie ovens, and toaster ovens. Some units are built for convenience, like fast-heating microwave ovens and high-speed ovens, and cook-and-hold units that maintain food at proper temperatures for extended periods with no further input required from the operator. Rack ovens and proofer-oven combination units are a must-have in many bakeries, and no pizzeria is complete without a deck, wood-fired, or impinger pizza oven. Most every type is available in floor and countertop ovens.

Restaurant water heaters and sanitizers will come in handy for equipment that requires hot water, like high-temp dishwashers. Booster heaters, water bath heaters, and sanitizing sink heaters can be found in this category.

Food warming and holding equipment contains heated holding cabinets, hot food display cases, countertop food warmers, drawer warmers, warming shelves, and heat lamps. It also includes some equipment for heating food, like microwaves, soup warmers, and chip warmers, as well as equipment like proofing cabinets and fry dump stations that enhance workflow.

Commercial broilers include salamander broilers, cheese melters, upright broilers, vertical broilers, and horizontal broilers.

Food display and merchandising equipment includes refrigerated pieces like display cases, deli cases, and bakery cases, as well as heated equipment like countertop hot food displays and concession merchandisers for pizza, popcorn, hot dogs, and more.

Commercial and restaurant sinks can be used for everything from dishwashing to food prep. Sinks with as many as four compartments, hand sinks, bar sinks, mop sinks, drop-in and undermount sinks are available. We also offer portable sinks that can be used to set up a hand-washing station for staff and diners at remote events, as well as soaking sinks great for loosening residue stuck to items like utensils. You'll also find faucets and garbage disposals here.

Condiment and food dispensers will allow servers and guests to portion out the right amount of toppings every time. These include dry product dispensers, electric topping dispensers for heated condiments, pouch product dispensers, whipped cream dispensers, ice cream cone dispensers and holders, portion pack dispensers, caddy style dispensers, and squeeze and pour dispensers. There are also condiment dispenser stations for organizing and displaying topping options.

Food bar and buffet equipment lets you choose between hot, cold, and combination hot-and-cold food bars, as well as utility stations, serving counters, and cooking carts. Other available equipment includes countertop buffet warmers, drop-in food wells, sneeze guards, and other food bar accessories.

Commercial shelves and carts also include racks for organization, safes for additional security, and dollies for transportation.

Hoods and accessories include baffle filters and hood parts, as well as condensate hoods.

Some commercial restaurant equipment categories are accessible from other sections but can be found on this main page as well, including slicers, charbroilers, hot plates, and walk-in coolers. While browsing our selection, remember that nearly every category includes a section dedicated to parts and accessories for that equipment to ensure replacement parts or additional components can be easily found.