Housekeeping Supplies

Housekeeping supplies, from disposable solutions to cleaning tools and sanitizers, can be found here.

Compartment Glass Racks

With configurations ranging from 9 to 49 compartments, these compartment glass racks help you clean, store, and transport your business's glasses.

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Air Freshener

Maintain pleasant restrooms with a motion- or timer-activated automatic air freshener dispenser. We sell dozens of air freshener refills and sprays, too.

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Closet Organizers & Tool Holders

Keep your storage space easy to access with closet organizers and tool holders.

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Housekeeping Carts

Housekeeping carts allow staff to easily move the supplies they need, as well as waste from rooms they tidy. We have standard and executive models.

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Janitor Cart

Equip your cleaning team with a convenient, ergonomic janitor cart for transporting all their supplies, as well as the trash they collect.

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Laundry Cart

A laundry cart allows for the collection and easy transport of large amounts of soiled linens. Choose one with separators to keep items divided

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