Trash Can Accessories

Make your existing trash cans even better with trash can accessories offered here.

Trash Can Cover

We offer a trash can cover that can fit over trash receptacles for a discrete and clean appearance.

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Trash Bag

Find a trash bag from here that is strong enough to handle whatever you need to throw in it.

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Tableware Retrievers & Trash Chutes

Many of our tableware retrievers and trash chutes feature magnetic bars that grab your silverware and are strong enough to keep them secured.

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Trash Can Lid

We have a trash can lid to fit the most popular models including waste cans and recycle bins.

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Trash Can Dolly

Instead of dragging them around, fit your receptacle with a trash can dolly to make it easy to transport around your facility.

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Brute Trash Can Caddie

A Brute trash can caddie is designed to fit 32 to 44 gallon Brute or Bronco trash cans and can hold cleaning supplies and more.

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