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KaTom offers a wide array of products to improve the function and aesthetic of your existing trash cans and waste disposal systems. Whether you have a problem that needs solving—such as trash cans disappearing overnight or flatware disappearing into the garbage—or you just want to clean up the trash disposal process, you'll find what you need here. We'll go over the trash can parts and answer some common questions below. More

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Vollrath 8Y802
Vollrath 8Y802 Garbage Waste Chute, 8 23/32" X 2"

KaTom #: 002-8Y802

In Stock

San Jamar L360C
San Jamar L360C Large Trash Chute, Drop In Counter, 6.6" Diam

KaTom #: 094-L360C

In Stock
$19.40 / Each
Vollrath 3Y0502
Vollrath 3Y0502 Garbage Waste Chute, 6 9/16" X 2"

KaTom #: 002-3Y0502

In Stock

Carlisle 3691704
Carlisle 3691704 Waste Container Tool Caddy Bag - Nylon, Yellow

KaTom #: 028-3691704

In Stock
$22.40 / Each
Vollrath MT-2
Vollrath MT-2 Large Trash Receptacle Door - 7.5" x 7.63", Black

KaTom #: 175-MT2

Vollrath E9WC02
Vollrath E9WC02 1/9 Size Rectangular Garbage Waste Chute, 22 Gauge Stainless

KaTom #: 002-E9WC02

Update RB-20BK
Update RB-20BK Refuse Bin - 13x9x22" Heavy-Duty Plastic, Gloss Black

KaTom #: 370-RB20BK

In Stock
$10.52 / Each
Winco SCD-5
Winco SCD-5 Coffee Knock Box, 6.89 x 6.3 x 5.2", Stainless

KaTom #: 080-SCD5

In Stock
$9.08 / Each
Rubbermaid 1867533
Rubbermaid 1867533 Executive BRUTE Caddy Bag

KaTom #: 007-1867533

In Stock
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$44.00 / Each
Rubbermaid 2007905
Rubbermaid 2007905 Billboard for Slim Jim® 23 gal Recycling Station Containers - 11.75" x 14.25", Pl...

KaTom #: 007-2007905

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$11.00 / Each
San Jamar KA4400
San Jamar KA4400 44 Gallon Katchall Tableware Retriever - Red

KaTom #: 094-KA4400

In Stock
$297.67 / Each
Vollrath E6WC02
Vollrath E6WC02 1/6 Size Rectangular Garbage Waste Chute, 22 Gauge Stainless

KaTom #: 002-E6WC02

In Stock

Vollrath 120Y02
Vollrath 120Y02 Garbage Waste Chute - 11" x 2", Stainless

KaTom #: 175-120Y02

In Stock

San Jamar KA3244
San Jamar KA3244 Flatware Retriever for 32 & 44 gal Round Can, Plastic

KaTom #: 094-KA3244

In Stock
$256.47 / Each
San Jamar KA5500
San Jamar KA5500 Table Retrievers, 55 gal., Red

KaTom #: 094-KA5500

$332.42 / Each
Vollrath E06064-KB
Vollrath E06064-KB Knock Box, 1 7/8 qt., Stainless

KaTom #: 002-E06064KB

Update KB-164
Update KB-164 Knock Box - 6 1/2x7x4" Stainless

KaTom #: 370-KB164

In Stock
$9.30 / Each
Rubbermaid FGAB1
Rubbermaid FGAB1 Anchor Kit

KaTom #: 007-FGAB1

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$13.00 / Each
Rubbermaid FGAB2
Rubbermaid FGAB2 Anchor Kit (R1639E)

KaTom #: 007-FGAB2

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$14.00 / Each
Advance Tabco A-6
Advance Tabco A-6 Open Waste Chute, Installed, Stainless

KaTom #: 161-A6

$139.05 / Each
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Common Questions About Trash Can Parts

How can I keep my trash cans from blowing away?

Trash can anchor kits secure your cans to the ground, preventing them from blowing away in a storm or being stolen overnight. KaTom offers a few different options for trash can anchors, but they all work the same way—a bolt is driven through the bottom of the trashcan, through a stabilizing plate, and into the ground beneath. The plate disperses force and prevents the bolt from ripping through the bottom of the can, and the bolt keeps the can exactly where you want it.

KaTom also sells weighted trash can bases to keep the garbage can stable and settled while in use. Wobbly trash cans lead to excess mess, but with a weighted base, the can stays put while in use and becomes difficult for anyone to surreptitiously remove. The drawback to weighted bases is they must be used with their companion can since they are made to fit snugly with a specific style of trash can. These are a great accessory if you're adding new trash cans, but you'll have to find the specific matching model if you want to upgrade your existing cans.

How can I keep my flatware from being thrown away?

Accidentally tossing flatware in the trash can be a costly problem for restaurants. Foodservice is a fast industry, and operators are usually in a hurry trying to keep up. When a fork is beneath a dirty napkin on a plate covered with uneaten food, there's a good chance that fork is going into the trash with everything else. Luckily, we have trash can accessories to keep that fork from sinking beneath the food to the bottom of the bag. Flatware savers are magnets that attach to the top of a trash receptacle and catch magnetic flatware while letting the organic matter pass down to the bottom. Most flatware retrievers fit on top of your pre-existing trash can, so make sure you get the right size. Typically, you will only need flatware savers on the trash cans into which you'll be emptying dirty plates.

What is a trash can caddy bag?

A caddy bag is a trash can part that wraps around the trash can and provides a place to store cleaning supplies. Typically, caddy bags are used for cleaning an establishment outside of business hours. Instead of using a cart to carry around all the supplies needed to clean windows, tables, or floors, a trash can caddy bag enables the cleaner to work while only needing to move the trash can around. The caddy bag doubles the utility of the trash can, helping users dispose of refuse and clean up with just one piece of equipment.

What trash can decorations are available?

Trash cans are a necessity, but aren't the most aesthetically appealing piece of your establishment's décor. Several trash can parts are intended to improve the look of your trash cans and keep them in line with the rest of your style. Trash container panels provide an attractive housing for your trash cans, hiding the utilitarian look of most receptacles. We carry several styles so you can find one that best matches your desired look.

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