Trash Can Dolly

Moving a heavy, dirty trash can be a difficult and unpleasant task. To make it easier, purchase one of these handy units. They are designed to make it easy to maneuver trash cans through your facility and even out to a collection unit. We have models designed for round or square cans, with either raised edges or center hubs that keep the container in place as you move it. More

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Update DYR-18 18" Round Trash Can Dolly

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Rubbermaid 1867534
Rubbermaid 1867534 Executive BRUTE Quiet Dolly

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The first consideration is shape. We offer both round and square models designed to fit cans of the same shape. Once you've found the shape that will fit your can, ensure that the dimensions of the dolly will allow it to accommodate the base of your can. Some models are designed for specific models, like the dollies for Rubbermaid Brute trash cans. Still, the measurements of the cans are fairly universal, so they may fit yours even if it doesn't carry the same brand name.


You can purchase a model with either a raised center or one with a flat base. Raised center models are designed to securely hold either square or round trash cans on them, with the hub fitting into a similar indention in the bottom of the can and keeping the two united in movement. If you opt for one of these, be sure the hub will fit the bottom of the can.

Flat-base models typically have raised ledges that hold the can onto the dolly during movement. The flat base allows for increased versatility, allowing them to carry bins that don't have contoured bottoms meant to match a raised hub. These can also move most anything else you need to transport, from kegs to boxes of cans.

Specialty Options

Several specialty options are available that allow you to get a unit that will best serve your uses.


If you need to move multiple cans at one time, consider trainable units, which can be hooked to each other, forming a train of trash cans.


A tandem model is similar to a trainable model, but you can only move two cans with a tandem unit. Unlike trainables, which consist of several units attached together, a tandem is a single unit that can carry two cans. Typically, one base flips up and out of the way for when you only need to move a single can.

Quiet Casters

Wheeling a noisy trash can cart through a quiet hotel hall or a banquet room is definitely a faux pas. Quiet casters are made of a softer material than regular casters, which prevents them from making a racket as they move. If you will be using your model in an area where you don't want to disturb your guests, consider this feature.

For Slim Cans

Because of their space-efficient shape, many establishments have slim, rectangular trash cans. This unique design prevents the cans from being carried on an ordinary square or round model. To alleviate this problem, we carry several different dollies and trucks that are solely designed to transport slim cans.

For Recycling

Similarly, recycling cans have a unique shape that may not fit on either a round or square dolly. We offer models that are specifically designed to carry recycling containers, making them as easy to move as any other waste bin on a dolly.