18/0 Flatware

This 18/0 stainless steel flatware is composed of 18 percent chrome, with no nickel. While it may not keep its mirror finish like premium flatware, it tends to be less expensive to purchase initially. It is also magnetic, so if you have a magnetized retainer on your trash can, you'll lose less along the way. More

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Because 18/0 stainless steel flatware does not have any nickel, it is the most economical commercial flatware available. These forks, knives, and spoons are lightweight options, making them easy to handle and transport. They are available in a variety of patterns and designs so you can find the perfect fit for your tabletop.

Common Questions About 18/0 Flatware

What is 18/0 flatware?

Flatware is made of stainless steel, and the 18/0 refers to the chromium and nickel content of the stainless steel. The alloy used to make 18/0 flatware contains 18 percent chromium and no nickel. Other common alloys include 18/8 and 18/10 flatware, which have 8 and 10 percent nickel respectively. Because of this composition, 18/0 flatware is lighter than the other alloy options, and generally less shiny.

Is 18/0 flatware magnetic?

Yes, 18/0 flatware is magnetic, making it ideal for restaurants that use magnetic flatware retrievers. This can help minimize loss of flatware in the warewashing and food disposal processes.

What are the benefits of 18/0 flatware?

18/0 flatware is the most economical flatware option for restaurants, making it a common choice for many casual eateries. It is also a frequent choice when allergies are a concern, as nickel is a common allergen.

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