Deli & Display Cases Buyers' Guide

Deli & Display Cases Buyers

Deli and display cases are perfect for showing off your freshly made bakery/deli products. Customers tend to buy more when they can see the product clearly, and glass display cases give the perfect view to attractively display your products and increase impulse buys. All of the deli & display cases offered through KaTom Restaurant Supply are produced from our premier manufacturers Master-Bilt, Vollrath, Jet Tech, Turbo Air, Beverage Air, BakeMax, and True.

Types of Deli & Display Cases

Deli & display cases can come in two types, either refrigerated or non-refrigerated cases. Refrigerated deli display cases are ideal for holding cold temperature products and extending the shelf life of these type of products. These units are typically used to hold products such as cheese, meats, pies, cakes, drinks, salads, dips, and other fresh foods that you want displayed clearly to customers.

Non-refrigerated display cases can hold products that do not necessarily need to be refrigerated, but does need to be displayed to customers. Breads, baked goods, donuts, muffins, cupcakes, and other types of pastries are often placed in a non-refrigerated, dry display case.

Styles of Deli & Display Cases

There are three styles of deli and display cases available, straight glass cases, curved glass cases, and counter height display cases. Straight glass deli/display cases offer a traditional look for your foodservice business. Straight glass is actually slanted slightly, approximately 12 degrees, to minimize the reflection from overhead lighting, which enhances the presentation of your food product.

Curved glass display cases are a slightly more expensive version of the display case and offers enhanced top visibility of your product because the glass curves back instead of stopping. Curved glass display cases present your products brilliantly while offering an unrivaled sophisticated styling.

Counter height display cases are multi-functional by allowing you to use the case as both a display area to proudly show off your food products as well as a counter space when you are serving customers. These 42" cases are the perfect height for you to serve customers without them having to reach very far to receive their products.

Length of Deli & Display Cases

Deli & display cases have varying lengths depending on the specific model you purchase. Refrigerated models range in length from 31 7/8"-96 1/2", while non-refrigerated display cases range in length from 40"-52".

Deli & Display Case Cubic Feet Area

The amount of cubic feet each display case has indicates how much product can be stored and displayed in that specific case. Refrigerated deli display cases have between 10.8-63.9 cubic feet, while non-refrigerated cases have between 10.8-18.1 cubic feet of display area.

Bottom of Deli & Display Cases

Deli and display cases can be purchased either with or without a storage area underneath the case itself. A display case with storage underneath the case allows you to store dry items or preparatory items in this area to minimize the amount of time you must spend looking for such products. This also helps to free up space that would otherwise be used to store these products.

Units without this storage area underneath have a solid bottom that is sturdy and easy to clean.

Deli & Display Cases Specialty Options

When purchasing a display case, there are five specialty options to choose from. You can purchase cases that are freezers, pass thru units, feature all stainless steel construction, have glass ends, or offer dual zone control with glass ends. Freezer deli display cases are perfect for those frozen products that must be kept a cold temperature to ensure product safety and shelf life. Ice cream cakes are often placed in this type of display case.

Pass thru deli and display cases offer easy loading as well as self-service options. Pass thru units have doors on both the front and back of the unit, allowing you to place items in from the back of the case. Customers can serve themselves by removing items via the front door.

Display cases with an all stainless steel construction offer easy cleaning and less maintenance time that other units. These stainless steel cases are scratch and dent resistant, and allow you to simply wipe down the exterior to maintain a shiny, neat appearance.

Glass end display cases offer additional viewing of the products by displaying them through the ends of the cabinet as well. Glass ends allow the products to be visible to customers from nearly any angle, increasing the possibility of impulse buying due to visibility.

Very unique and useful display cases offer dual zone control as well as glass ends. Dual zone controls allow you to have dry and refrigerated sections in the same case, making the most of your available space. These dual zone units are perfect for smaller businesses that do not have enough room for both dry and refrigerated cases, but need both to display their products. These units have glass ends as well to maximize visibility and increase purchase probability.