Specialty Work Tables

Our selection of specialty work tables will help you properly outfit your dishroom, beverage station, prep area, and more.

Dish Table

Expand your dish room workspace with a dish table. Many accessories and configurations are available to interface seamlessly with your restaurant dishwasher.

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Enclosed Work Table

Doing double duty to satisfy prep and storage needs, an enclosed work table can keep your essential supplies protected and close at hand.

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Sink Table

All stainless steel construction and a small, convenient sink make this table ideal for prepping and washing vegetables and other ingredients.

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Filler Table & Spreader Plate

Find a variety of sizes of filler tables and spreader plates here to help cover gaps between equipment and maximize the work space available in your kitchen.

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Beverage Station

Great for restaurants and coffee shops a beverage table is ideal for holding coffee and tea equipment, preparing drinks, and cleaning used glasses.

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Poly Top Work Table

A heat- and scratch-resistant poly top work table turns your entire prep surface into an easy-to-clean cutting board for prep tasks.

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