Commercial Dishwashers: Renting Is A HUGE Waste!

Let’s face it; no matter how big of a deal you’re getting, quality kitchen equipment purchases can cost a pretty penny. If you take into consideration the amount of work they help us to accomplish, equipment pieces are worth every single cent spent. Why is it then that 54% of commercial dishwasher users decide to rent or lease their dishwashers instead of being able to call them their own?

First of all, many food service operators believe that they’ll save loads of money renting a machine instead of taking the plunge into commercial dishwasher ownership. This may be true if you think your business is going to fail fairly quickly but Renting a dish machine can actually end with you paying twice the amount of the worth of the unit! Seriously, who wants to pay for two dishwashers you don’t even get to keep?

Jackson, manufacturer of high quality dish cleaning machines, has been kind enough to give us a visual aid to explain the amount of savings a business could have if they have purchased a machine rather than lease or rent one. The below chart includes the overall cost of ownership (parts and labor) and initial fees.

Purchase vs. Lease-to-Own vs. Rental
Single-Rack Low-Temperature
YearCost Description -Machine PurchasePurchasePriceCost Description -Lease-to-OwnLease-to-Own5-Years + $1.00Buy-Out OptionCost Description -RentalRental
1Machine Purchase$3,200.00Monthly Payment, Parts and Labor$981.12Rental Fee$1,000.00
2Parts and Labor$48.00Monthly Payment, Parts and Labor$1,029.12Rental Fee$1,000.00
3Parts and Labor$49.44Monthly Payment, Parts and Labor$1,030.56Rental Fee$1,000.00
4Parts and Labor$50.92Monthly Payment, Parts and Labor$1,032.04Rental Fee$1,050.00
5Parts and Labor$52.45Monthly Payment, Parts and Labor$1,033.57Rental Fee$1,050.00
6Parts and Labor$54.02Monthly Payment, Parts and Labor$54.02Rental Fee$1,050.00
7Parts and Labor$55.65Monthly Payment, Parts and Labor$55.65Rental Fee$1,102.50
8Parts and Labor$57.31Monthly Payment, Parts and Labor$57.31Rental Fee$1,102.50
9Parts and Labor$59.03Monthly Payment, Parts and Labor$59.03Rental Fee$1,102.50
10Parts and Labor$60.80Monthly Payment, Parts and Labor$60.80Rental Fee$1,157.63
TOTAL COST$3,687.64$5,394.24$10,615.13
Notes:  Parts and Labor begin in year 2, following first year warranty.  Parts and Labor begin at 1.5% of original purchase price and increase each year by 3%  Rental Program costs remain constant each year.  Chemical company typically provides machine service if customer is purchasing chemicals from them.

The folks at KaTom hope this has helped you to understand the amount of money you can save when you purchase your own dishwasher!

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