The Restaurant Furniture Buying Guide

The furniture section of the KaTom Restaurant Supply website features all of the furniture you will need for your business or organization, from tables and seating to waste containers. The type of furniture you have in your business sets the feel of the atmosphere, making furniture selection of one the most crucial decisions you will make when furnishing your business. We offer many types of furniture and decor to allow you to create the exact look you desire for your business. This section contains smaller specific categories to make your browsing as easy as possible.

Bar Stools

Bar StoolsBar stools are great seating options for bar areas, high tables, or just unique looking general seating. KaTom Restaurant Supply offers several different types of bar stools for you to choose from with a myriad of color options. We have metal or wooden bases, which allow for a more modern or rustic look, respectively.

KaTom also offers bar stool seats by themselves with no base.These round, cushioned units can serve as a replacement if one of yours gets worn out or broken. It's also a good idea to keep one handy as a spare.

Cluster Seating

Cluster SeatingThe cluster seating section is broken down into smaller categories containing both chairs and tables or just chairs. Cascade cluster seating support is a traditional type of cluster seating that is often seen in school cafeterias. Islander cluster seating support units are typically smaller than the cascade series, which are great for smaller areas. These categories offer attached chairs and tables. Classic cluster seating chairs are a very common type of cluster seating chairs. These chairs have metal backs and frames with a swivel seat. Park avenue cluster seating chairs generally have an upholstered seat to make for a comfortable sitting experience. Parlor cluster seating chairs have small, metal frames and upholstered seats. Cluster seating shells are commonly seen in fast food restaurants such as McDonald's. These seats are constructed from molded fiberglass and have a swivel base.

Coca Cola Series Furniture

Coca Cola Series FurnitureThe Coca Cola Series Furniture section contains various types of restaurant furniture with the Coca Cola colors and emblems boldly displayed. These furniture pieces present a classic, all-American look to customers, creating a warm, welcoming environment. Bar stools, chairs, tables, tables with matching chairs, and booths with the Coca Cola colors and emblems can be found in this section.

Crowd Guidance Systems

Crowd Guidance Systems Crowd guidance systems are the easiest, most efficient way to handle large crowds of people, creating an orderly line. You've probably seen them guiding your path at the bank, airport, or anywhere else people want to direct customers.

KaTom sells two types of these crowd control systems. One has retractable belts that hook into the base units, which are called stanchions. These are handy because the lines are stored out of the way and they can be configured as needed. They can also be extended to a fixed point with wall-mounted retractable lines. This type of system is available with durable black plastic or stainless steel stanchions.

We also stock models that use a rope-like line strung between stanchions to form the line. These units, available with in between the base units. The stanchions are available with either a gold or polished chrome finish, while the ropes are offered with a leather-like or velvet covering. This type of crowd guidance system can bring a touch of elegance to line formation.

Cashier / Host Stands

Bon Chef 50200 Host Stand

Cashier / Reception stands are great to create a classic elegance or modern flair appearance at the front of your foodservice business. These give cashiers and hosts a place to station themselves at as they greet customers upon arrival and/or charge them as they leave. With shelves inside, they provide a convenient place for registers, menus, and other items used in the frontlines of your business. These units are available with both wooden and stainless steel construction.

Decorative Waste Containers

Decorative Waste ContainersThe decorative waste containers section houses trash receptacles that are anything but an eye sore. Ash / trash classic decorative waste containers are multi-functional units that allow your customers to properly dispose of cigarette butt waste as well as general waste products. Silhouettes decorative waste containers do not have the are for cigarette butt disposal, however they do provide a more elegant, contemporary look for you business. These containers are ideal for disposing of general waste products.

Merchandising Carts & Kiosks

Cambro KVC854C158 Kiosk Cart

Merchandising carts & kiosks are the perfect way to start up a small business or continue an existing portable business. They're also great for eateries where additional display space is needed or a changeable floor plan is desired. They can also operate as mobile serving units for big events halls, changing position as the configuration of the seating and features like a dance floor do.

These units allow you to place your business anywhere necessary, allowing for maximum profits and accessibility. These carts & kiosks are available in a variety of different sizes to meet your specific needs. They're perfect for malls, college campuses, gift shops and more.

Tables & Bases

Tables & BasesThe tables & bases section is divided up into several categories, all holding specific table and/or base options. Table levelers are great ways to level your tables, ending the annoyance of wobbly sitting and eating conditions. Folding tables allow you to fold up and store your tables when they are not in use. Metal dining height and metal stand-up height table bases are both available to create the exact type of table you want in your business. Metal dining height bases are perfect for allowing your customers to sit down and enjoy a meal, while metal stand-up height bases can create a table where bar stools are required for seating. There are three table top options to choose from in this category as well. Laminate table tops allow for easy clean up, while wood table tops give the authentic wood look and feel to your business. Padded table tops provide a comfortable eating or sitting area, but can be easily torn or ripped. Cantilever table supports and wall bracket table supports can also be found in this section.

Cabinet Style Trash Containers

Cabinet Style Trash Containers
Cabinet style trash containers are often seen built into a larger sectional or cabinet at various types of foodservice businesses. These units can have areas for trays to be placed in self-serve type establishments.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor FurnitureThe outdoor furniture section includes more specific categories. All outdoor furniture is constructed to withstand the elements associated with being outdoors. All of the outdoor bar stools are constructed of wrought iron to create a classic, functional bar stool for your outdoor environment. Outdoor patio tables come in varying sizes to fit into any outdoor dining environment and all have metal mesh grid tops or metal laser stamped tops to allow for easier and faster cleaning. Outdoor benches and outdoor chairs provide excellent seating options for your outdoor dining or sitting area. Wood or metal chairs and benches are available. The outdoor table umbrellas & stands category contains outdoor umbrellas to create a shadowed dining or sitting experience. This category also holds the umbrella bases that keep these units steadily in place. Outdoor waste receptacle containers are the perfect way to keep your outdoor dining area clean. These units typically have a covered trash collection area to prevent rain and other weather elements from entering the trash collection area.

Patio Heaters

Patio HeatersThe patio heaters section holds more categories of specific heater types. Overhead heaters are available to provide heating for your outdoor dining area. Overhead luminous patio heaters and overhead tube heaters are both designed to be mounted over the seating area to create warm air flow. Parasol patio heaters are either free standing or fixed standing heaters that can be placed anywhere in your outdoor area to create a warm, comfortable environment that will extend the length of the outdoor dining season.

Restaurant Booths

Restaurant BoothsThe restaurant booths section contains various types of booth seating for you to choose from. Booth seating provides comfortable seating options, while creating the illusion of more space in a small area. These units are available in a myriad of color choices, as well as with different upholstery styles. They can also be sized to perfectly fit your eatery.

Youth Seating

Rubbermaid FG781408BLA High Chair

The youth seating section is broken up into booster seat, high chair, and infant carrier categories. Booster seats are available for older children who still need a little bit of help reaching the table. These seats allow your children to sit comfortably at the table, even before they are actually able to reach the table without help. High chairs are great for infants and babies who cannot sit independently in a booster seat or regular chair.

Portable Bars

Cambro BAR540194 Portable Bar

Portable bars are great for any bar that needs an extra bar section or for any business that is in need of a small bar, making great outdoor kiosks and perfectly at home in clubs, foyers and lobbies. These units come in a variety of different sizes and styles, from 5'-9' long, with professional to Hawaiian themed bars.

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