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Everyone loves a booth seat, and some people are quite adamant about their preference for booths. Maybe it's the sense of seclusion offered by the high-backed bench seats or the plush comfort of a fully upholstered spot – whatever the reason, our restaurant bench seating can help create a comfy, relaxing spot for guests to grab a bite. We'll go over our selection below and answer some frequently asked questions. More

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Common Questions About Restaurant Booths

Do I need single or double booths?

All booths are listed as either single or double, but that terminology isn't particularly clear. For booths, double refers to units that have benches and provide seating on both sides of the backing. Single refers to a booth with seating in only one direction. Single units are best used against walls, in corners, or where the seating meets major walkways. Double units are intended to optimize seating space by combining benches, as one double unit serves two separate booths back to back, saving space and money.

What do I need to know before purchasing restaurant booths?

You need to know your seating layout before purchasing any booths, including measurements of the total area dedicated to seating. Brainstorm possible seating arrangements and measure how many seats you'll be able to fit in each, while also considering the feel each layout will generate. Some restaurant concepts call for an open, communal feeling while other concepts work well with private, cozy settings. Booth seating typically creates private-feeling alcoves where your guests can converse with their party without interruption. Consider how many booths you can fit in your seating area without forcing guests too close together.

Each booth we offer lists length, height, and depth measurements so you can know for certain how each will fit in your establishment. Determine how many places will require single units and how many spots could make use of double units. Ensure that you've allocated enough room to accommodate each guest along with foot room and table space.

What color booth should I get?

KaTom offers booths in a variety of colors, so choose a color that complements your current décor and fits your restaurant style. Consider alternating colors to provide an intriguing visual element to your seating, or keep them consistent and find accents elsewhere. Keep in mind that each individual computer monitor might display the colors slightly differently based on brightness and other factors.

Will I need to provide fabric, stuffing, or upholstery?

All the booths we offer come fully upholstered, so you won't need to do any upholstery yourself. Our selection of restaurant bench seating is typically ready to be used when it is delivered. You can find the weights of each booth on the specifications sheet, so you can plan ahead for how you'll arrange them.

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