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You can easily keep your Hoshizaki model running smoothly with a selection of parts for repairing and enhancing your equipment. This selection includes replacement shelves with affordable and cleanable epoxy coatings or virtually-indestructible stainless steel. We have door reversing kits to change which side your reach-in opens from. You'll even find kits to equip your hotel ice dispenser to read room cards.

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Hoshizaki URC-14F
Hoshizaki URC-14F Air Cooled Remote Ice Machine Compressor, 115v

SKU: 440-URC14F

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Hoshizaki SD-450
Hoshizaki SD-450 Equipment Stand for DCM500B

SKU: 440-SD450

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Hoshizaki SD-270
Hoshizaki SD-270 Equipment Stand for DCM270B

SKU: 440-SD270

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Hoshizaki HS-2034
Hoshizaki HS-2034 14" Ice Bin Top Kit

SKU: 440-HS2034

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Hoshizaki HS-2033
Hoshizaki HS-2033 Top Kit, 8-in

SKU: 440-HS2033

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Hoshizaki HS-2032
Hoshizaki HS-2032 4" Ice Bin Top Kit

SKU: 440-HS2032

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Hoshizaki HS-2147
Hoshizaki HS-2147 Top Kit For B-1150 & B-1300 Ice Bins

SKU: 440-HS2147

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Hoshizaki HS-3720
Hoshizaki HS-3720 6-in Caster Set, (3) w/ Brakes

SKU: 440-HS3720

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Hoshizaki HS-5009
Hoshizaki HS-5009 3-Section Commercial Series Air Filter

SKU: 440-HS5009

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Hoshizaki HS-5067
Hoshizaki HS-5067 Mega Top Rail Adapter Bar, 20 x 1-in

SKU: 440-HS5067

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Hoshizaki SD-700
Hoshizaki SD-700 Equipment Stand for DCM750B

SKU: 440-SD700

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Hoshizaki HS-0243
Hoshizaki HS-0243 25-ft Tubing Kit

SKU: 440-HS0243

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Hoshizaki HS-5057
Hoshizaki HS-5057 Tempered Glass Shelf

SKU: 440-HS5057

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