So You Want To Add Frozen Cocktails To Your Beverage Menu...

Add frozen drinks to your menu

So you want to serve icy beverages in your bar. You aren’t alone. Many have chosen to serve the cold, blended beverages that are in high demand over the hot months of the year. There are a couple ways to go about adding icy frozen beverages to your drink menu.


Commercial Bar Blenders are the most common way of serving blended beverages to bar quests. If your establishment has a small to moderate amount of icy beverage orders a blender could be the right piece of equipment for your needs.

Blenders and beverage mixers can be used for making any icy blended bar cocktail. While most commercial blenders can get the job done just fine, you must be sure to pick the correct model for your business’s needs. We recommend the higher quality blender models, like The Quiet One by Vitamix, that feature a sound shield and enough power to get the job done. Many of these models feature helpful timers or manual pulse buttons for better, personalized blending.

When using a blender, one must be careful to not under or over blend. Under blending results in large chunks of ice; something no one wants to encounter when sipping on their expensive drink. Over blending creates an unpleasant, watery beverage. Your bartenders must have the experience to find the happy medium.

Frozen Drink Machines

Another fine option for bars that want to serve icy blended beverages (like frozen margaritas) is the frozen drink machine. They're a great choice for establishments that sell a large amount of frozen beverages.

Where blenders can’t keep up, frozen drink machines excel. One frozen cocktail machine hopper can hold around 384 oz. (3 gallons) of mix inside of it at once while a larger bar blender can hold only up to 64 oz. of product. Considering many frozen beverage machines feature at least 2 hoppers, that’s 64 beverages compared to 5 from a blender. Each hopper can hold a different mix.

Frozen beverage machines are also much easier to use than a blender. Where blenders may call for some experience, frozen drink machines call for very little employee practice to use properly. The ease of use and increase in product amount will substantially decrease time your guest must wait for their beverage.

Frozen beverage machines keep the beverage cooler for longer. Unlike many commercial bar blenders, frozen beverage mixers tend to be well insulated. Quick dispensing ensures that the guest receives beverage that will stay colder for longer.

Beverage pictures courtesy of Delish

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