Lodge: The Perfect Gift

Lodge The Perfect Gift

Lodge has been crafting quality cookware for over a hundred years, providing generations of families and restaurants with American-made cast iron cookware that chefs love. With Lodge Logic, the company was the first in the industry to offer pre-seasoned cast iron cookware. Known for their skillets, Lodge also produces a variety of pieces that any chef, commercial or residential, would love to have in their kitchen.

Enamel Cast Iron

Lodge carries a line of enamel cast iron dishes in a wide variety of colors to fit any décor. The bright enamel coating provides a low-maintenance, non-stick surface while the cast iron provides even heating and can be used in ovens and on the stovetop.

The enamel series includes casserole dishes and Dutch ovens from 1-1/2 quarts to 7-1/2 quarts. 10-ounce single-serve cocotte dishes, skillets, and grill pans are also available. Enameled panini presses can be paired with a matching grill pan or used with a griddle or skillet to make authentic, grill-marked sandwiches. Also included as part of the enamel series are three-quart Dutch ovens, available in Patriot Red and Apple Green, which are made to look like apples, complete with a stem and leaf on top to create a permanent conversation.

Grills & Griddles

For the cook who loves grilling, you may consider gifting them with the Lodge cast iron sportsman grill. This hibachi-style grill comes pre-seasoned and ready to use, and features a door that lets you add coals without disturbing the food cooking on top. It makes a perfect tailgating accessory or camping tool. A grill cover is sold separately to keep the grill protected and clean when not in use.

For those who want to grill on their stovetop, a griddle or grill pan may be the answer. Many of these griddles are reversible, featuring a ribbed side and a flat side, and cover either one or two burners on your gas or electric stove. Varying sizes of grill pans are available with two handles for easy maneuvering.


A cast iron skillet is a must-have for any cook, and Lodge has a variety so you can find the perfect fit when choosing a gift. Skillets are available in square or round shapes, in sizes as small as 5-inches and as large as 17-inches across. These skillets were one of the first pieces of cookware available in the Lodge Logic line, which were the first pieces of cast iron cookware in the industry to come pre-seasoned and ready to use.

Lodge skillets come in a variety of depths to meet various cooking needs. Shallow pans work great for searing steaks, while the deeper skillets can be used for braising meat, making gravy, or even baking cornbread. Lids to fit the skillets are available in both glass and cast iron. Many of these skillets have a pour spout to make draining grease and pouring liquid simple, and larger skillets have two handles to make transportation easy.


Lodge offers a wide variety of accessories that make great stocking stuffers or accompaniments to any Lodge cast iron gift. Many of the accessories, including mitts, handle holders, and trivets, are meant to protect the user and surfaces from the high heat the cast iron can reach. Other items, such as splatter screens, egg rings, Dutch oven liners, fryer baskets, and grill presses are designed to make cooking easier and expand the capabilities of your cookware.

To make cleaning cast iron cookware easier, Lodge sells a scrub brush and pan scrapers to help remove food particles. Also available is seasoning spray. While this spray has not been needed for the pan's initial use since the debut of the Lodge Logic line, it helps maintain the seasoned pan's nonstick properties over time.


If you are buying a gift for someone who already owns cast iron cookware, or are looking to add something extra to your gift, you may want to consider one of Lodge's cookbooks. These cookbooks are filled with recipes specially designed for use in cast iron cookware. Some, such as Cast-Iron Cooking for Dummies are aimed at beginners, while others include gourmet dishes for more experienced cooks.

In addition to the general cast iron cookbooks, Lodge also has several specialty books available. Some are aimed at a specific cookware piece, such as a skillet, grill, or Dutch oven. There are several available that are focused on recipes and cast iron usage for camping and cooking outdoors. Some of the cookbooks also focus on a specific dish, such as the National Cornbread Festival Winning Recipes Cookbook, or a certain region, like A Skillet Full of Traditional Southern Lodge Cast Iron Recipes and Memories.