True Kegerator

A True kegerator uses oversized refrigeration and quality materials to provide colder temperatures and long-lasting dependability for your beer service. The oversized refrigeration system holds the temperature between 33 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The exterior may have a wear-resistant black vinyl front and sides with an aluminum back, or it may be all stainless steel. Both types of cabinets will come with a stainless steel counter top, and the interior will have galvanized steel walls and a stainless steel floor. Each tap has a three-inch beer column, with cold air directed into these to provide colder brews to your customers. They have one, two, or three doors, and will hold one to four half-size barrels. Some units will have refrigerated storage under a sliding top for storing other chilled products or chilling glasses. A few models will have a glass door with shelves for displaying and storing canned and bottled beer.

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