True Refrigerator Parts and Refrigeration Accessories

A number of True Refrigeration parts and accessories are available to get the most out of your equipment. Whether you need replacement or upgraded shelves, organizers and baskets to keep things sorted, or castors to make your unit movable, you'll find them here. There are also a number of add-ons available, including locks and specialized thermostats. More

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True Refrigeration 880865
True 880865 Universal Tray Slides for STA, STG, STM, STR, TA, TG, &amp...

KaTom #: 598-880865

In Stock

True Refrigeration 929828
True 929828 TrueFlex Bottle Organizer - (GDM10/12)

KaTom #: 598-929828

True Refrigeration 871754
True 871754 Bun Tray Runners, fits 18" X 26" Sheet Pans

KaTom #: 598-871754

True Refrigeration 810802
True 810802 Door Gasket for True T72

KaTom #: 598-810802

True Refrigeration 830280
True 830280 Castor, Set of 4, 2 1/2 Inch, 1/2 Inch Stem

KaTom #: 598-830280

True Refrigeration 832055
True 832055 Novelty Basket, 19 1/4" X 21 3/4"

KaTom #: 598-832055

True Refrigeration 909156
True 909156 Shelf, Black Wire, for GDM23 With In Door Lighting

KaTom #: 598-875335

True Refrigeration 909101
True 909101 Shelf, White Wire, for GDM33 & GDM35

KaTom #: 598-875374

True Refrigeration 908803
True 908803 Shelf, White Wire, for T-49

KaTom #: 598-871791

True Refrigeration 810807
True 810807 DOOR GASKET FOR T35

KaTom #: 598-810807

True Refrigeration 830275
True 830275 True 2.5 inch Castor

KaTom #: 598-830275

True Refrigeration 873116
True 873116 2 Way Air Distributor / Manifold

KaTom #: 598-873116

True Refrigeration 873117
True 873117 3 Way Air Distributor / Manifold

KaTom #: 598-873117

True Refrigeration 873774
True 873774 Pricing Strip for Wire Shelves, 1 1/4 in

KaTom #: 598-873774

True Refrigeration 909163
True 909163 Shelf, White Wire, for GDM10, GDM12 & GDM15

KaTom #: 598-875357

True Refrigeration 881540
True 881540 L Brackets for TUC & TWT Cutting Boards, Includes Rive...

KaTom #: 598-881540

True Refrigeration 830277
True 830277 True 4" Castor, Set of 4, 4 in, 1/2" Stem

KaTom #: 598-830277

True Refrigeration 872801
True 872801 Ratchet Lock With Key

KaTom #: 598-872801

True Refrigeration 873105
True 873105 Triple Head Draft Beer Standard, Chrome

KaTom #: 598-873105

True Refrigeration 877022
True 877022 Sign, Plain White, for GDM26 & GDIM26

KaTom #: 598-877022

True Refrigeration 883720
True 883720 3" Caster Kit for TPP, TSSU, TWT, & TUC Models

KaTom #: 598-883720

In Stock

True Refrigeration 909169
True 909169 Shelf, White Wire, for G4SM23, GEM23 & GEM23FC

KaTom #: 598-879078

True Refrigeration 880348
True 880348 6 Inch Legs, Seismic / Flanged, Set of 4

KaTom #: 598-880348

True Refrigeration 810866
True 810866 Polyethylene Cutting Board, 72" X 11 3/4 in for Use With C...

KaTom #: 598-810866

True Refrigeration 830281
True 830281 Castors, Set of 6, 2 1/2 in, 1/2" Stem

KaTom #: 598-830281

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True products have a variety of shelving options, from PVC coated to chrome plated, to stainless steel mezzanine type. There are also glass shelves for glass display cases, and many of these shelves offer price strips. There is also a cantilever shelf that is available in both stainless steel and white.


Organizers are available to keep self-serve units and beer coolers orderly and neat. These are made of black or white plastic, making them easy to clean and helping your product to stand out.

Racks and Baskets

Wine racks and bun tray racks are especially useful in keeping your coolers organized, while novelty baskets will allow you to offer smaller items in a neat and organized manner. These may hang inside the cooler or freezer, or they may sit on a shelf inside.

Castors and Legs

Deciding on the right refrigerator or freezer may come down to the type of legs or castors you want. Legs are available in a 6-inch length and in a seismic/flanged type for added stability. Plate castors are either 2-1/2 or 3 inches tall and support the unit with a metal plate just above the wheel that is screwed into the unit. Regular castors are 4 inches tall, with a stem that fits into a receiver on the bottom of the cooler.


To help control inventory, a number of locks are available for several True products: ratchet locks, barrel locks, and padlocks. Not all models will allow for locks, so make sure to check the spec sheets if you're looking for specific security solutions.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are available that run the length of True prep tables. They come in a number of lengths and thicknesses and are made of white polyethylene or a composite material.

Miscellaneous Accessories

To finish off the True model you purchase, you may want to consider digital temperature displays, stacking collars, corner bumpers, overshelves, and sneezeguards. Specialty thermostats are also available for when you're holding chocolate, white wine, and red wine.

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