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Globe parts like charbroiler racks and slicer parts will keep your equipment up and running, and expand its useful life. Accessories like Globe mixer attachments will expand the capabilities of your existing equipment, saving you time, labor, and the cost of buying new equipment.

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Globe TMBASKET1632
Globe TMBASKET1632 Twin Fryer Basket for 16/32-lb Fryer

KaTom #: 605-TMBASKET1632

In Stock
$43.19 / Each
Globe L00481
Globe L00481 Chopper Knife for CM22

KaTom #: 605-L00481

In Stock
$13.49 / Each
Globe L00668
Globe L00668 5/32" Chopper Plate for CM12

KaTom #: 605-L00668

In Stock
$26.08 / Each
Globe L00779
Globe L00779 1/16" Chopper Plate for CM22

KaTom #: 605-L00779

In Stock
$31.06 / Each
Globe L00781
Globe L00781 11/16" Chopper Plate for CM22

KaTom #: 605-L00781

In Stock
$31.06 / Each
Globe L00782
Globe L00782 Stuffing Plate for CM22

KaTom #: 605-L00782

In Stock
$31.06 / Each
Globe FRYCOVER1016
Globe FRYCOVER1016 Cover, For 10/16-lb Fryer

KaTom #: 605-FRYCOVER1016

In Stock
$28.00 / Each
Globe E13
Globe E13 Ingredient Labels for GSP30B & GSP30A Scales

KaTom #: 605-E13

Ships Free
In Stock
$198.00 / Case of 12
Globe L00772
Globe L00772 1/16" Chopper Plate for CM12

KaTom #: 605-L00772

In Stock
$26.08 / Each
Globe L00780
Globe L00780 1/2" Chopper Plate for CM22

KaTom #: 605-L00780

In Stock
$31.06 / Each
Globe PATTYPAPER4 4" Round Waxed Paper Dividers

KaTom #: 605-PATTYPAPER4

In Stock
$69.57 / Case of 5000
Globe S-SLAWTRAY Slaw Tray for S-Series Slicers

KaTom #: 605-SSLAWTRAY

In Stock
$92.39 / Each
Globe XSP316
Globe XSP316 Shredder Plate, 3/16"(4.7 mm)

KaTom #: 605-XSP316

In Stock
$48.06 / Each
Globe XXBEAT-20
Globe XXBEAT-20 Flat Beater, 20 quart, Aluminum

KaTom #: 605-XXBEAT20

Ships Free
In Stock
$140.31 / Each
Globe XXBEAT-60
Globe XXBEAT-60 Flat Beater, 60 quart, Aluminum

KaTom #: 605-XXBEAT60

Ships Free
In Stock
$254.71 / Each
Globe XXBOWL-20
Globe XXBOWL-20 Bowl, 20 quart, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 605-XXBOWL20

Ships Free
In Stock
$294.00 / Each
Globe FRYCOVER32 Cover, For 32-lb Fryer

KaTom #: 605-FRYCOVER32

In Stock
$32.00 / Each
Globe CHARCIRAD Charbroiler Tent Radiant, Cast Iron

KaTom #: 605-CHARCIRAD

In Stock
$36.30 / Each
Globe CHARMTL Charbroiler Rack for Char Rocks, Metal

KaTom #: 605-CHARMTL

In Stock
$51.00 / Each
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